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Ep 22: Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Worth It?

You may have heard about the blue light emitted from all of our screens and devices... and maybe you've heard about blue light blocking glasses too! In this episode of our Nourished Life podcast, I speak to Dr Kristy Goodwin, an absolute expert on how technology may be affecting us.

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No one has to convince me that technology is GREAT and that our devices allow life and business to be more efficient, engaging and (of course) fun! But we all know there's a downside. Technology is so captivating because it's designed that way. So what happens when our eyes get too much screen time?

Kids blue light technology use

Today's guest is Dr Kristy Goodwin, a digital health and wellbeing expert, university lecturer and author of "Raising Your Child In A Digital World". In this episode, Kristy tells me all about blue light (the light that's emitted from our technology devices) and blue light blocking glasses (glasses which combat blue light damage). In today's world, we're constantly exposed to blue light, which can actually have potentially negative impacts on our eye health and sleep habits.

In this episode listen out for some great advice like 'Why you shouldn't email your boss late at night', Kristy's top 3 tips to promote eye health and a really helpful tip that we can all use: the 20-20-20-20 rule!

Key points:
• Being exposed to blue light during the day can actually be helpful as it resets our circadian rhythm.
• Making your sleep environment as dark as physically possible will help to improve the quality of your sleep.
• Great news for those with glasses: prescription glasses can have a blue light filter applied to the lens.
• According to Kristy, switching on "night shift mode" on your device isn't enough to protect you from blue light damage – it doesn't necessarily block all blue light.
• The research on the impact of blue light is still emerging, but over prolonged periods of time, exposure to blue light may increase macular degeneration (irreversible eye damage.)

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