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Ep 4: Why You Need to Change Your Undies

Yes, you need to change your undies... but not for the reason you think! This episode of our Nourished Life podcast is all about why we should all change to bamboo underwear and clothing. Find out just what makes this eco-friendly so sustainable (and so comfy too!)

Shaun Greenblo Boody Bamboo CEO Buy now

Why should we change our undies? Well, I would hope that you already know the answer to that question... I'm talking about why we should change to bamboo undies, specifically Boody Bamboo Eco Wear. In this next episode of our Nourished Life podcast, I'm talking to Shaun Greenblo, the CEO of Boody, an awesome Aussie range of underwear and clothing basics.

Bamboo underwear

On Episode 4 of Talking Clean with Irene, Shaun talks us through exactly why bamboo is such a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric, dispelling some of the myths surrounding its production. We discuss how bamboo compares to cotton clothing, the benefits of wearing bamboo, why it falls under "slow" rather than "fast" fashion, and even how we might be able to use our old clothing to insulate housing instead of sending it to landfill. And yes, we even talk about how often we should be replacing our underwear with fresh pairs (although, trust me, you'll be wearing your bamboo undies for a loooooong time.)

Bamboo clothes and leggings

In this podcast we chat about...

• What made you start Boody? Why bamboo? (1:15)
• Controversy surrounding the sustainability of bamboo – is bamboo actually sustainable? (2:22)
• Fast fashion – is Boody "slow" fashion? (5:20)
• Why is Boody so comfy yet still looks so nice? (6:46)
• How come Boody isn't always adding more designs/colours? (7:23)
• The new Boody loungewear – coming soon! (8:26)
• How long does a pair of Boody undies last? (9:48)
• How should we wash them? (11:33)
• Why the underwire-free bras are so popular (12:27)
• What are three Boody basics everyone needs? (14:47)
• So many socks to choose from – how do I choose? (17:00)
• When it's time for our undies to go to heaven, how do we dispose of them? (18:10)
• Does bamboo keep us warm or cool? (20:15)
• Bamboo clothing & sun protection (21:00)
• What are all the Boody certifications? (22:05)
• Is the bamboo used panda-friendly? (22:32)
• Why we should all choose bamboo! (24:50)

If you loved listening to this episode of our Nourished Life podcast, I would love it if you could please leave me a 5-star review in iTunes or your podcast app – it helps us reach even more people. Let's make toxin-free living mainstream!

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