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Ep 2: How to Replace Your Entire Skin Care Routine with One Product

Let go of everything you thought you knew about skin care, because this Nourished Life podcast episode is about to blow your mind! I am talking about single-ingredient skin care – yep, just one product to replace your toner, serum and moisturiser.

Biologi founder Ross Macdougald Buy now

Now this episode of Talking Clean with Irene gets a bit scientific and technical... it's about single-ingredient skin care, specifically the amazing new brand called Biologi which actually turned absolutely everything I thought I knew about skin care upside down when I first discovered it in 2018!

In this episode, I speak to Ross, the founder and creator of Biologi. A true scientist at heart, Ross is a chemist with over 30 years of experience. Since 2012, Ross has actually been concentrating on innovating plant extract techniques, and he's come up with these incredibly unique serums. I've previously covered the basics of Biologi in our skin care Q&A and also shared some amazing results, but for this episode of Talking Clean With Irene, I really wanted to get right into the nitty-gritty, science side of things with Ross, who is a true expert and can tell you at the drop of a hat exactly which acids do what for our skin...

Here's what we chat about in this episode:

• What Biologi actually is (1:12)
• Why our traditional skin care might not be as potent as we think (2:14)
• The power of Kakadu Plum as a source of Vitamin C (2:28)
• How to combat ageing with Vitamin C (3:35)
• How on earth do you get Vitamin C out of a plant and into a bottle? (4:25)
• What is a "bio key?" (5:18)
• The incredible benefits of Davidson Plum for skin (5:54)
• Why Irene prefers the Biologi Bf Hydration Face & Body Serum (6:35)
• How is Biologi different to a Vitamin C serum or supplement? (7:06)
• How does the body serum keep skin so hydrated? (7:39)
• Why it's totally normal for Biologi to make your skin feel sticky (9:29)
• How come we are not supposed to layer/overlap the different serums? (11:00)
• Which serum is best for different skin types? (13:50)
• Could there be a link between plants and sun protection? (15:25)
• Which skin care products should we use in conjunction with Biologi? (17:31)
• All about the new Biologi Bqk Radiance Face Serum – now available as of June 2019! (19:05)
• Why some skin care can leave our skin feeling slimy (20:12)

If you loved this episode of our Nourished Life podcast, please leave me a 5-star review in iTunes or your podcast app – it really helps me reach even more people. Let's make toxin-free living mainstream!

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