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Blue Light Glasses

Protect your eyes from digital screens
Digital screens are part of our everyday life... and that's a fact we have to deal with! Whether it's our phones, tablets, TVs or computers, we spend a lot of time looking at screens each and every day – but these devices can actually emit something called 'blue light'. In various studies, blue light has linked to trouble sleeping, eye strain, and even potential vision problems. The easiest and best solution? Blue light filtering glasses!

Benefits of blue light blocking glasses
Here on Nourished Life Australia, we stock Baxter Blue non-prescription glasses in a range of colours and shapes to suit your personal style. Specially designed Blue+ lenses actually work to filter out some of the blue violet light emitted from our devices, and also offer 100% UV protection and anti-scratch technology, with an anti-reflective coating. We also stock Baxter Blue's kids range – perfect for helping to protect our children's developing eyes from potentially dangerous blue light exposure.


Popular Q&A's for Blue Light Glasses

1. What are blue light filtering glasses?
Blue light filter glasses are fitted with special lenses designed to block a percentage of artificial blue light from digital devices like your computer and phone screen. At Nourished Life, we have a range of stylish unisex blue light glasses by Baxter Blue. All Baxter Blue glasses feature innovative, non-prescription CR39 Blue+ lenses that are completely clear!

2. What do blue light blocking glasses do?
You know that feeling when your eyes are tired, sore and dry after sitting in front of a computer screen all day long? Blue light glasses can help minimise that exhausted eye feeling, making it possible to stay engaged with digital screens for a longer period of time. The lenses in blue light blocking glasses have a unique coating that reflects a percentage of the blue light away from your eyes, which can help reduce the occurrence of digital eye strain and disruption to your sleep quality. To find out more, read our blog What Do Blue Light Glasses Actually Do.

3. Do blue light glasses work?
Wearing blue light blocking glasses during the day can help minimise digital eye strain symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, loss of focus and blurry vision. At night, blue light blocking glasses are a great way to avoid blue light exposure before bed. Artificial blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm, meaning your brain is tricked to think it is daytime, which can slow the release of the sleepy hormone melatonin. Want to learn more? Check out podcast episode 22: Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses Worth It? with Dr Kristy Goodwin.

We check every label so you don't have to.

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