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Why Your Water Should Be Alkaline Water

Have you always wondered what Alkaline water is and whether you should be drinking it? Turns out it has many health benefits that you should know about! Read on to learn why you should be choosing alkaline over tap water!

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As I'm constantly on the go, I always make sure to keep hydrated and drink as much water as possible throughout the day. With this in mind I decided to become more educated on Alkaline water and its many benefits. If you have heard the term alkaline thrown around in conversation but are not entirely sure of what it actually means, then this blog post is perfect for you! I'm going to cover all the basics from what it is, the advantages and what alkaline water products I love and recommend!

First things first - what is Alkaline water?

The term 'alkaline' when talking about water, refers to its pH levels. This number gives an indication to how alkaline or acidic water is on a scale of 0-14. If the pH level is around 1 then the water is considered very acidic but if it sits around 13 then it will be considered very alkaline.

This means alkaline water has a higher pH level compared to regular water, which is said to have many advantages for our health. As alkaline water is less acidic than regular water it is full of alkalizing properties like calcium, potassium, silica, magnesium and bicarbonate.

What are the benefits of choosing alkaline water over regular water?

There are many known benefits of drinking alkaline water, some of which include:

Reduced Acidity in the body

Alkalized water is said to help reduce acidity in the body which works to improve our overall health and fitness.

Improved Gut Health

Because of the ionized nature of alkalized water, it is believed that this can help disinfect the gut and protect it from harmful microorganisms. If you want to find out more about gut health, check out this blog post I wrote here!

Lowered Glycation levels

Alkalized water has been found to reduce liver damage and help control blood sugar levels in animals.

Lowered fatigue levels

When completing intense exercise, the acidity levels in the body increases and leaves you fatigued. Drinking water with a higher pH level may help to alkalize this acidity and improve your energy levels. It also helps to retain more hydration in the cardiovascular system!

How can you get alkaline water?

Here on Nourished Life we have a great selection of Alkaline water filters that make it so easy to include alkaline water as part of your daily routine!

Waters Co BMP 400 Bench Top Alkaline Water Filter
This bench top water filter from Waters Co makes it incredibly easy to remove fluoride, chlorine, nitrate and other toxins from your tap water. Featuring eleven stages of sterilizing, filtration and activation, it does all the hard work for you, helping to filter and reduce the amount of rust, bacteria and chemicals that are usually found in tap and tank water.

It is an amazing system which has been found to remove up to 99% of chlorine and also helps remove harmful bacteria. Who knew that we have been drinking chlorine in our tap water!

Waters Co Ace 1.5L Alkaline Water Filter
This water filter jug is a less expensive alternative that is just as handy at removing fluoride and other impurities from tap water. It alkalises your water, leaving it clean and pure tasting. It will fit inside your fridge easily and is made from a non porous BPA free Perspex. It's 1.5 litre size makes it a perfect option for using at home, work or travelling! The replacement filters for these are only $130 each and they last for 2 years!

Waters Co BMP 500 5.25L Bench Top Alkaline Water Filter
This model ensures the purest fluoride-free water possible. It is the latest version from Waters Co and is able to remove 99.9% of fluoride from tap water - which is a first! This long-lasting filter is able to hold a huge 5.25 litres so is ideal for either at home or commercial use!

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