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The Difference Between Epsom and Magnesium Salt

I have always wondered what the difference is between Epsom Salts and Magnesium Chloride. Do they work differently and what are their unique benefits?

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I've started a little 'after work ritual' that I want to share with you because it's really making a huge difference to my evenings and it's cheap and easy to do. Would you believe, I can even do this with the kids home with me! (It just takes 20 minutes which is about the same time it takes for the kids to eat an after school snack and watch one episode of SpongeBob)!

I've been taking a warm bath loaded with Magnesium Chloride flakes, and it has changed my life! Before I tell you all about how good this is for you, I want to explain the difference between Magnesium Chloride and Epsom Salt (because they look the same).

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Epsom Salt vs. Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Salts (technically called Magnesium Chloride), is the compound you find in all Magnesium supplements and it has a different molecular structure than Epsom Salts. The molecular structure of Magnesium Chloride is much more easily absorbed into the body than that of Epsom Salt. So while both are wonderful, I find the effects of Magnesium Chloride much more intense. Magnesium typically comes from seawater and is often offered to those with severe Magnesium deficiencies. Magnesium Chloride can also be used as an emergency medication for a heart attack in some situations! In comparison to Epsom Salts, Magnesium Chloride is not usually recommended to be ingested.

Epsom Salt is actually a form of Magnesium. Its compound name is Magnesium Sulfate and looks a lot like salt! Magnesium Sulfate is used to treat all sorts of health issues ranging from strained, sore muscles to mental well-being. It is traditionally used in baths, but can be safely ingested as well. It is believed that Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin, so while you are relaxing in an Epsom Salt bath, your skin will be soaking up the goodness! Epsom Salt benefits are vast - when Epsom Salts are absorbed into your skin it can help build brain tissue, support your joints and promote the detoxification of your digestive system. That’s a pretty impressive bath!

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If you’re looking for some great Magnesium products I highly recommend the Amazing Oils brand of Magnesium. I discovered this company at a health expo - they rubbed some of their Magnesium Oil on my shoulders and WOW instantly I felt charged up within seconds. For me personally, it felt like magic! Plus it's 100% pure, sourced and made right here in Australia, and completely toxin and heavy metal free. Whether you’ve been on your feet all day, had a crazy day at the office, or both, these Organic Magnesium Chloride Flakes in a hot soak will relieve tension, (mental and physical) and give your body the extra boost it needs to stay strong.

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What are the benefits of Magnesium Chloride?

Magnesium is a central building block for life on earth. It’s the organising atom in chlorophyll, converting sunlight to energy in plants. In the human body magnesium is present in over 300 enzyme systems, regulating blood pressure, synthesising proteins, and monitoring muscle and nerve functions. It’s everywhere! By incorporating Magnesium into your everyday health routine you may experience alleviation of all kinds of ailments including chronic pain, insomnia, and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

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The benefits of topical Magnesium Chloride

The health benefits of Magnesium Chloride may be utilised to their fullest potential when absorbed through the skin. Magnesium supplements can also be taken orally, but their bioavailability is often diminished by their contact with stomach acids and digestive enzymes. Magnesium can work faster when applied topically, as it can be absorbed almost instantly without having to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach. Because of this, it can be ideal to take Magnesium both orally and topically for the best potential benefits.

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At Nourished Life, we also love the Elektra Magnesium range. My personal favourite is the Elektra Magnesium Cream in Island Spice because it smells amazing, is nice and easy to apply and helps with any muscle aches and pains at night. I also love adding the Elektra Magnesium Mineral Salt Flakes to the bath, but these are actually also food grade so you can put them in your drinking water too!

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