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The Benefits of Using Dryer Balls!

If you're looking for a time saving way to dry your clothes, you need to try Wooly Mates! These super soft dryer balls make tumble drying more effective!

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If you're a fan of using soapberries to wash your clothes and are looking for an effective way to dry them, I can't recommend the Wooly Mates Dryer Balls highly enough! These eco-friendly dryer balls are crafted from triple felted pure wool to improve tumble drying. They work to soften your clothes, reduce drying time, static and wrinkling. I particularly love using Wooly Mates at this time of year as they help to draw out any dust or pollen trapped in your clothes so they're ideal for anyone with springtime pollen sensitivities. These sustainable dryer balls last for years and are made with both 100% Australian 29 micron wool and hot soapy wool which are super soft.

What are Wooly Mates?

Wooly Mates are dryer balls that you can add into your clothes dryer. Simply toss 3-4 balls into your dryer along with your damp laundry. They are designed to reduce drying time by up to 25-30% (of course this depends on your washing machine, fabrics and dryer) but won't retain any nasty odours that could transfer to your next load. You can even leave them in your dryer when they are not being used as they stay dry! If you would like to add a fresh scent to your clothes while they dry, all you need to do is add a few drops of essential oils before popping them into your drying machine.

How can Wooly Mates make drying more effective?

Wooly Mates work by rolling around in your dryer, separating clothes and preventing them from tangling up. This also allows for a more thorough dry! As Wooly Mates are made from naturally hydrophilic and hydrophobic wool, they both absorb and repel water. This means that they absorb any moisture in the dryer bowl so that your clothes are exposed to drier air. The wool absorbs this moisture that only dampens the outer later. This allows the Wooly Mates to repel the moisture back into the dryer bowl, leaving them dry at the end of each cycle! Wooly Mates also remove any excess lint through their rubbing motion and help to soften clothes by massaging the fabric. Unlike traditional softeners, dryer balls soften without coating the fibres and causing a fire hazard!

How can Wooly Mates improve allergies?

There's nothing more frustrating than pollen during the Spring months. As the weather changes, dust and pollen can worsen. Wooly Mates help to combat this as they catch these particles, removing them from your clothes!

How long do Wooly Mates last and where should you store them?

These high quality wool dryer balls should last you for years and years. Just remember to hide them from your pets!! As mentioned, you can keep your Wooly Mates in either your dryer or their handy drawstring bag when not being used. If you find that your dryer balls begin to pill, don't worry! This is completely normal and allows for a greater surface area when drying.

Can you use fabric softener with your Wooly Mates?

Mainstream fabric softeners often contain synthetic fragrances, as a natural alternative you can actually add a few drops of your favourite essential oils into the dryer balls for a relaxing or uplifting scent. Remember to do this once your cycle has finished. Simply add a few drops and put your clothes in for a couple of minutes on the cold cycle, as heat will destroy the scent.

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