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The Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea is regarded as one of the healthiest drinks in the world, but many of us just don't drink enough of it to get the maximum health benefits. Read on to see how we can easily incorporate more green tea into our diets and reap the benefits!

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Drinking 2-10 cups of green tea a day can help boost your antioxidants levels which is great for our complexion! According to Green Tea In 3, green tea has also been known to help decrease cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. It can also help to reduce the incidence of dental cavities and help reduce fatigue.1 On top of all this, green tea can also assist in weight loss due to the synergistic effect of EECG (antioxidant) and caffeine on fat cells.2 In a nut shell, it’s all good!

You may already know that green tea comes from exactly the same plant as black tea - the Camellia Sinensis - but is less oxidized and fermented, therefore leaving it with more polyphenols (the good stuff!). There are numerous different tastes in green tea, as there are many different growing areas, and various methods of cultivation.

Some people may find the taste of green tea to be too bitter to enjoy, but the good news is that this is often due to the preparation of the tea, and not the tea itself. For example, green tea should not have boiling water poured over it as this brings out the bitter taste. Instead, it should be steeped in water that is approximately 80’C, for 1-3 minutes for best results.

No matter which way you look at it, green tea can provide wonderful health benefits and can be an added bonus to your daily health ritual.

Sources: 1 Zen Green Tea, 2 The Sydney Morning Herald. Additional sources: PopSugar, ABC, Body and Soul.

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