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All About Modibodi Period Underwear!

I love learning about innovative technology which makes that time of the month cost effective, environmentally friendly and most importantly, comfortable!

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I love learning about new and innovative technology which makes that time of the month more cost effective, environmentally friendly and most importantly, comfortable! Whether you want to win the war against periods, you're pregnant, sometimes have light bladder leakage or just looking for a way to save money, I'm certain you can benefit from Modibodi underwear!

Modibodi creates comfortable and fashionable underwear that empower women! Made with innovative fibre technology, this underwear helps to protect women against common and annoying hygiene issues. They were designed by CEO Kirsty Chong who actually came up with the idea after her own personal experience with LBL. She was sick of the taboo surrounding these common problems and decided to make a change!

How does Modibodi work?

The effectiveness of Modibodi is all down to their exclusive Modifier Technology. There are three stages in the fabric design that absorbs moisture to leave you feeling clean and dry. The first layer works to quickly absorb moisture and fight off odours. The second layer locks away the absorbed fluid to leave you feeling instantly dry. The final layer is a waterproof barrier that protects you from leakages! This underwear is also antimicrobial and stain resistant for the ultimate peace of mind!

What can Modibodi underwear be used for?

Modibodi caters to women of all ages and sizes, offering stylish underwear that you'll love to wear! They basically replace liners and pads (on days where your period is lighter). They're ideal for anyone wanting to combat light bladder leakage, discharge, sweat, period leakage, odour or spotting. They're also fantastic for maternity wear as they help to protect you from any unpleasant leakage or discharge that is often common during pregnancy. Depending on the style you choose, there's different levels of absorbency from super light to maternity! The Light Absorbency holds up to 5mls and the Moderate Absorbency holds 8-10mls.

What are the benefits of choosing Modibodi underwear?

The Modibodi underwear are both comfortable and fashionable. They're so discreet looking that you wouldn't even guess they're made with such amazing technology! Each piece is simple and stylish... meaning you'll actually want to wear them! They're also so easy to wash (just like regular underwear) and offer protection under every outfit. No need to avoid white any longer!

It's no secret that feminine hygiene products can be expensive and extremely wasteful. According to Modibodi CEO, Kristy Chong, "The fact that a few pairs of Modibodi underwear can replace hundreds of disposable feminine hygiene products per year and washes like regular underwear, means that every female using a reusable solution such as Modibodi would be saving up to 7600 items of disposable hygiene from landfill, and that does not include their packaging!" Image how much money you can save each month not having to buy pads or tampons! It's estimated that in one year, a menstruating woman will used around 200 pads or tampons and woman with light bladder leakage will use around 500 panty liners! Majority of these feminine hygiene products are non biodegradable and end up in landfill. So not only are you saving an enormous amount of money, you're also preventing unnecessary waste!

Another great way that Modibodi makes an impact, is on homeless women and those living in third world countries. Lack of access to feminine hygiene products is a huge problem for women living in poverty! In East Timor specifically, girls often leave school when they start menstruating. More close to home, there are 1 in 100 homeless women living on the streets and thousands living in shelters around Australia! Often with little access to hygiene products, they are forced to resort to unsanitary alternatives. That's where Modibodi comes to the rescue! Modibodi works with poverty fighting organisations to offer women the opportunity to wear discreet, reusable and sustainable underwear that takes the taboo out of menstruation.

What are some other ways you can save money and the environment while on your period?

If you have a heavier flow or don't feel comfortable wearing underwear alone when on your period, I recommend JuJu cups. They're environmentally friendly, cost effective and reusable alternatives to pads and tampons. These menstrual cups protect you against leakage, are long wearing and can even be worn when exercising or sleeping! They're also easy to use and can save you roughly $4000 over your lifetime!

To read more about the benefits of menstrual cups, you can read the blog post I wrote all about them!

Your Questions Answered

Should I use a liner or menstrual cup?

Modibodi's can be used alone or in conjunction with a menstrual cup. It depends on how light or heavy your flow is.
There is no need to use a liner at all. The exclusive patented Modifier Technology ™ replaces the need for liners. The fluid is absorbed and locked in between the layers. It will not leak onto your clothing.

What fabric is used?

The fabric includes Sport Merino and Bamboo, both are breathable and naturally antibacterial, sustainable products, which means they are also better for the environment and for your skin than cotton.

Is the fabric breathable and comfortable?

Yes, the Modibodi's are super slim (3mm), moisture wicking, absorbent, antibacterial, stain resistant and breathable.

Do I need to change my Modibodi's throughout the day?

The heaviest absorbency can hold up to 2-3 teaspoons of fluid so you do not need to change your underwear throughout the day.

How well do Modibodi's wash? Will everything come out of the hi-tech lining?

Modibodi's are easy to wash as they wash just like regular underwear.

I'm interested in how homeless women benefit from this?

Modibodi is an innovative solution for women in need. Homeless women are not able to take many personal effects with them, including disposable hygiene, Modibodi's garments offer them the chance to keep their dignity.

Women in need are supported through Modibodi's charity partner Share the Dignity. Customers can directly support homeless women by purchasing a gift voucher. To purchase a voucher visit:
Throughout the year Modibodi donate underwear to various campaigns in conjunction with Share the Dignity and work in partnership with Samaritan's Australia to ensure teens and young women in need have access to reusable hygiene.

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