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How are Magnesium flakes different to Epsom salts?

Yes, they look alike but they are in fact very different!

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When it comes to Magnesium baths, there’s often confusion surrounding the difference between Epsom and Magnesium! Yes, they look alike but they are in fact very different! Epsom salts are made from Magnesium Sulfate, and Magnesium salts are Magnesium Chloride.

Magnesium plays a crucial role in more than 350 of our daily bodily functions, so we need to ensure that we are receiving enough each day! According to Green Nutritionals, some of the major signs of Magnesium deficiency include calcium deficiency, poor heart health, weakness, muscle cramps, tremors, nausea and anxiety. You might also have high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, respiratory issues, dizziness and fatigue. Other symptoms include potassium deficiency, difficulty swallowing, poor memory and confusion. Adding Magnesium chloride to your bath is an excellent way to absorb much needed Magnesium into the body. So When shopping for Magnesium to add to your bath, it’s important to buy the right one.

Magnesium Chloride is completely natural, and according to Amazing Oils, they are actually 5 times stronger than Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulfate). They are also much smaller and more easily absorbed into the body through the the skin.

What are Benefits of Magnesium Chloride?

Despite being commonly called a form of salt, Magnesium Chloride is very hydrating for the skin! According to Elektra Magnesium, these salts are complexed with 6 different water molecules that draw in and retain moisture. This means that with regular Magnesium baths, dead skin layers peel away allowing your skin to remain soft and supple! Magnesium Chloride also has an incredible list of benefits, treating all of the above areas of deficiencies. The most common conditions that magnesium baths help treat are boosting energy levels, helping the body rest and sleep, hormonal balance and migraines. It can also help with general aches and pains, restless leg syndrome, cramps and sensitive skin conditions. There’s not much it can’t do! To read more about the benefits of Magnesium, refer to the Ultimate Guide to Shopping Magnesium!

Which Magnesium Salts do I recommend?

Elektra Magnesium Mineral Salt Flakes (food grade)
Naturally evaporated from Tibetan salt water, the Elektra Magnesium Mineral Salt Flakes $12.10, are detoxifying, alkalising and anti-inflammatory. They’re also food grade! I add Add five flakes to 1.25l of purified water and sip all day, it makes the water taste so beautiful and soft and keeps my energy levels up. I also I find the best way to reap the benefits from these flakes is to dissolve them into a bath or foot soak. They’re ultra relaxing and allow your body to absorb over 16 elemental magnesium. Since taking a daily bath and adding a little to my drinking water I have never felt better! I have more energy, I can sleep better and I no longer have a foggy head by 4pm.

Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Bath Flakes
Sourced from salt lakes in WA, the Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Bath Flakes $24.95, are made from pure Magnesium Chloride. Offering 5 times more Magnesium levels than Epsom Salts, these flakes are easily absorbed into your body and can assist with general skin conditions. They can also be used to boost the immune system and promote relaxation. These bath flakes are ideal for children as they help to calm them down before bedtime! To use, dissolve ½ - 1 cup of flakes into your bath and soak for at least 30 minutes.

Green Nutritionals Marine Magnesium Powder
Taken from the mineral rich ocean on the Irish Atlantic coast, the Green Nutritionals Marine Magnesium Powder $24.95, can help relieve tiredness and fatigue. It’s also ideal for anyone with aches, pains, restless legs and generalised anxiety. This powder supplement is made with a combination of 74 plant sourced minerals which absorb quickly into the body. Simple add to your daily bottled water, juice or sprinkle over food!

Epsom salts are made from Magnesium Sulfate and are generally a lot cheaper than Magnesium Salts. According to Amazing Oils, Epsom salts are man made alternatives which aren’t as pure. They’re made containing 4 or 5 different molecules that are much larger and harder for the body to absorb.

What are the benefits of Magnesium Sulfate?

Magnesium Sulfate has some benefits for the body, as it’s very detoxifying. According to Elektra Magnesium, Sulfate attaches itself to phenols in the body which makes them less harmful and allows the kidneys to excrete them. Sulfate also helps with transporting nutrients through the bloodstream, making them more fluid and able to reach tissue cells. For those on the Autism spectrum, Sulfate’s detoxifying properties can be very beneficial too, as their sulfation pathways are more likely to accumulate chemicals and promote inflammation! Epsom salt baths are very relaxing and do supply some Magnesium to the body. However, according to Elektra Magnesium, when Magnesium is bound with Sulfate, it doesn’t have the same long lasting effects. As Magnesium Sulfate is so detoxifying, it’s excreted through the kidneys at a rapid rate, meaning that not much remains in the body.

Which Epsom Salts do I recommend?

Power Bodycare Epzen Magnesium Bath Crystals - Pure
If you’re wanting to try the detoxifying benefits of Epsom salts, the Power Bodycare Epzen Magnesium Bath Crystals - Pure are great for mixing your own blend. Made with Magnesium Sulphate, these crystals are high quality and great for relaxing muscles after a tough workout, as well as general aches and pains. They also come in two other scents; Power Bodycare Epzem Magnesium Bath Crystals - Detox and Power Bodycare Epzen Magnesium Bath Crystals - Relax! To use, add two cups to your bath.

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Brand: Amazing Oils Caim and Able Elektra Magnesium Power Super Foods

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