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Your Magnesium Questions Answered!

Whenever I talk about the benefits and uses of magnesium, I always receive so many comments wanting to know more! To answer all of your most popular questions, I decided to sit down with Grace and Uma from Amazing Oils to find out more about the amazing benefits of magnesium.

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If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of… it’s magnesium! Whenever I talk about the benefits and uses of magnesium, I always receive so many comments wanting to know more! To answer all of your most popular questions, I decided to sit down with Grace and Uma from Amazing Oils to find out more about the amazing benefits of magnesium. This interview was so insightful as they covered everything from taking magnesium during pregnancy, to how you can use their products to alleviate headaches, cramps and restless legs!

What are some typical symptoms of magnesium deficiency?

The most well known symptom is cramping. Even a headache is a form of a cramp! Restless legs is another really popular reason. In terms of assessing your own magnesium levels, you can look more for the ailments and tell tale signs of someone being deficient in magnesium. However, cramping is by far the most popular.

Can you use magnesium when you are pregnant or breastfeeding?

The answer is most definitely! A pregnant lady needs twice as much magnesium as she is supplying her baby and herself. A really interesting fact is that Germany gives free magnesium to all of its pregnant ladies, because it is so vital. Magnesium can help prevent things like pre eclampsia and with the vitality of both mother and baby. You can also put magnesium on the breast to prevent mastitis.

What is the best way to use magnesium if you are pregnant?

So there are a couple of really good ways such as on the wrists, elbows and even behind the knees. You can use the Amazing Oils gel magnesium roll on or the spray! Of course you can use the salts as well for a nice relaxing bath for mum. She needs it! You can also apply it on the belly and the lower back. As you get bigger during pregnancy, apply to the lower back as needed.

Can magnesium alleviate menstrual cramp pain?

Most definitely! If women apply just prior to that time over the ovaries and the whole pelvic core, this prevents that cramping from coming on. If you forget for any reason, apply it when you feel that cramping coming on. It also helps with hormonal regulation as well as the acute pain. What it's doing inside for your hormone regulation is incredible!

Can magnesium help with menopause?

Especially with spiking in temperature, magnesium helps to regulate body temperature, which we’ve heard is terrific! Taking a bath can certainly help or applying the spray to the lower back, behind the knees and on the tops of the feet, about 15 minutes before bed can help regulate those magnesium levels overnight. It can also balance the hormonal system, which is vital during menopause.

Apart from being an Aussie brand, what makes your products different from all the other magnesium products on the market?

In terms of how we are different, we really like to talk about what we care about and that is people. This company came about after a family member became very ill. They went through the medical system which couldn’t help that particular person. So we began to look at other ways that we could put minerals back into their system. Out of everything we tried, this made a huge difference, so we threw our lives into it! Our products also go through an organic filtration system. There’s no residue so it doesn’t have to be washed off and the absorption is very high because of that.

Where does your magnesium come from?

It comes from our Australian deserts. We have two secret locations; one in WA and one in Adelaide. It actually comes from organically certified salt lakes! Two times a year they crystallise and you have to drive 4 to 5 metres into the crystallised salt. The magnesium chloride evaporates into this stunning pure liquid underneath. That’s what we pump out, put into bottles and create flakes.

Some magnesium sprays causes itchiness when applied to the skin. Why doesn’t yours?

There are two reasons why magnesium can tingle or itch on the skin. The most common is magnesium deficiency. It’s the skin's natural reaction to a foreign body. When the skin doesn’t recognise what’s on the surface, that's what it does. The second reason is that if it’s not put through that really stringent filtration system, it can contain other traces of minerals that sit on top of the skin and irritate as they are too large to be absorbed into your system.

How does the Amazing Oils Magnesium Chloride Ugly Bits Stick work?

We actually got a call from a GP friend who said ‘did you know your magnesium spray takes off skin tags?’ She had been using the magnesium spray on her shoulder pain for 12 weeks and it actually took off a skin tag on her shoulder! So we got our biochemist on to it to see how we could speed up this process. What we discovered is that if you leave the lake alone for another 2.5 to 3 years, it becomes an unstable molecule. It gets to this crazy strength so that if you put it on a spot on the skin, it speeds up the detoxification process by about 4 or 5 times. It turns over cells so quickly that anything sitting on the skin in that spot, is naturally removed. If you want to see something removed in 2 to 3 weeks i would be applying the Ugly Bits Stick 4 to 5 times a day. It also lightens pigmentation quite dramatically. It lightens those dark spots, age or sun spots to make a massive difference.

When is the best time to apply magnesium?

It makes absolutely no difference when you apply it, It doesn’t matter if it’s light or dark! So in terms of going out in the sun and sun exposure, it doesn’t affect it at all. If you’re someone who struggles to get to sleep at night, the best place to apply magnesium is the lower half of the body. If you apply to the chest area it can stimulate brain activity.

What is the best way to use magnesium for restless leg syndrome?

Spray into the hand and rub into the lower back to reach the sciatic nerve. This is the longest nerve in the body. Also apply behind the knee and the tops of the feet. When you relax the nervous system and the muscular system, this can actually stop the restless legs. We have had amazing results from people who are sleeping better!

How can magnesium help skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis?

As well as healing, magnesium balances the pH in the skin and helps it repair itself. For these conditions we would recommend the bath flakes, as you will receive excellent results without being so painful. Magnesium is also responsible for removing toxins, so much so, that you don’t need to put anything else in the bath, even for a child! You don’t need to put anything else in that can irritate the skin or interfere with what the magnesium is doing.

How can magnesium work for growing pains?

Whether you do a bath half an hour before bed or you want to use the spray or gel directly to the growing pains, not only will it stop it instantly, it will also make them feel a lot more comfortable going through it. You can also apply it as a preventative before bed!

What is the difference between epsom salts and magnesium salts?

In terms of appearance they do look really similar, but they are not created equally! Epsom salts are magnesium sulphates which are a manmade version that contain 4 or 5 different molecules. As they are a larger molecule, they have some pain relieving properties, but they are more for extraction and detoxing. The difference is that the magnesium chloride is a single element that is completely natural and has more of a concentration. These molecules are 5 times the strength of a magnesium sulphate! Your body can absorb molecules this size, so it puts magnesium back into your body to give you that boost.

Where should you best apply magnesium for migraines?

The best place is at the back of the skull, called the medulla oblongata, which is the top of the central nervous system. What brings on a headache is when the cardiovascular system begins to constrict. What we recommend is to daily pop a little bit of the spray onto the base of the skull to prevent that cardiovascular system constricting. At the time of the headache, you can also apply it to the areas of tightness and tension.

Are the flakes food grade?

Yes, the Amazing Oils Flakes are food grade. Just add 5-6 flakes to 1 litre of water.

Here is a wonderful video to share on the top 3 most asked questions!

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