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FAQs on Using the HairPrint Grey Hair Remover

If you're struggling with removing grey hairs naturally, HairPrint is the solution! Read on for all your HairPrint questions answered!

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Hairprint FAQs

Is there anything I need to to prepare for application day?
Success of how well Hairprint can restore one's natural colour, really begins with proper detox. The hair shaft has to be free of all blocking agents.
From that point, more than one application may be needed to restore to the hairs maximum potential. Hairprint's Chelating shampoo is a must for this process.

Will my hair be one colour?
Hairprint is not a dye. The same product can restore grey hair from very light brown all the way to the darkest black. Your hair will determine your colour. It will look like your hair colour because it is. All hair, even black hair, has variations in colour. It is this diverse and subtle array of colour that gives your hair its dimension.

Why are there three choices for Hairprint?
The restore ingredients in Hairprint Dark, Brown and Light Brown kit are identical. The final step, Complete, locks in the restoration to your individual and unique Hairprint.
In order to determine the correct Hairprint Kit for your hair, you will need to determine your untreated current natural hair color at your roots. The best place to observe your natural colour is actually at the nape of the neck.
As we age, our hair actually gets darker so it is important to select the Hairprint kit that most closely matches your natural hair colour now and not match it to the colour of your youth.

How long will Hairprint last on my hair?
Hairprint will last for two to six months depending on your type of hair, how often you shampoo your hair, what you shampoo it with, and exposure to salt water, chlorine and sun. Unlike rinses and semi-permanent dyes, when free from blocking agents, Hairprint goes into the cortex of the hair. With regular and continued use of Hairprint the hair becomes stronger, healthier, shinier and more readily accepting of pigment. Once you achieve maximum restoration, you can proceed to focus the prepare and restore steps to the root/regrowth only and run Complete through the length of the hair to blend and tone.

Do I need to place some Hairprint on my scalp for 48 hours to test for allergic reaction?
Hairprint is a hair treatment, not a hair dye. Hairprint is hypoallergenic and can be used without doing a patch test.

Is it safe to use Hairprint if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
Many health professionals recommend that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding stop using hair dye because it enters into the bloodstream through the skin. The melanin pigment in Hairprint is already present in millions of your skin cells and due to its relatively large size does not pass into the bloodstream. However, we recommend you consult with your physician by reviewing the ingredients list before using this product.

What should I do if my grey hair is resistant to colouring?
Leave the pretreatment on for 5-30 minutes. For those with fine hair, leave on less and those with thick hair, leave on longer. For white or resistant hairs, in the last 10 minutes of the pretreatment process, take a paste of baking soda and water rub it into the resistant hairs, either against the scalp or between the thumb and index finger. This will provide more alkalinity (which opens up the cuticle) and helps remove natural sebum that might be coating the hair.

What can I expect if my hair is completely grey?
Initial results will vary depending on the type of hair you have and the health of your hair. Most people with a full head of grey hair or who have had grey hair for many years will 3-4 restore steps instead of the standard 2. If after the first kit, the final desired colour has not been achieved, apply the second kit to deepen the pigmentation process. On subsequent applications, only one kit will be required. With regular and continued use of Hairprint your hair becomes stronger, healthier, shinier and more readily accepting of pigment.
If a person is in their 70s or 80s and their hair has been completely grey for many years, you will want to apply one colorant initially (#1) and the Post Treatment #3 to see how easily it takes the colour. After a certain age, hair can become very porous and will take up too much colour.

Do I apply Hairprint to all of my hair or do I just apply it to the grey?
We recommend applying Hairprint to all your hair the first time unless there are lighter or highlighted areas you want to retain. If you want to leave some grey or highlighted areas, rub in some raw shea or cocoa butter into those areas after you have cleaned the hair with the Pretreatment.

Does it work on all hair colours?
There is currently no formula for blonde hair, but this is in development. Hairprint does not work on red, chestnut, strawberry blonde or auburn hair. Those hair types contain two pigments called (pheomelanin and eumelanin), and at the moment it's chemically impossible to create two different pigments simultaneously with the same Hairprint formula. However, we are continuing our development efforts to create products that will work on other shades.

Will it work for me if I currently dye my hair?
Yes, if your hair is dark brown to black, Hairprint works well. If you hair is light brown or dark brown, let us help you make the transition to avoid the hair going too dark. See the FAQ below "How do I transition from chemically altered hair to healthy hair treated with Hairprint."

Can I use Hairprint if I put henna on my hair?
If you are using 100% pure, body art quality henna, with no additives, you can safely apply Hairprint, but may need to use two treatments to allow Hairprint to access the cortex of the hair. However, many henna products are actually what is known as compound henna. If your henna is any colour other than pure red or indigo henna, it is a compound henna. These type of products contain lower quality henna often mixed with various additives, additional plants dyes, PPD', and synthetic dyes. These are henna-based, not pure 100% henna. Compound henna interacts with anything placed on the hair, causing it to react unpredictably to any hair treatment. In the case of added plant dyes like Indigo, Amla, or Cassia it can cause hair to go darker than your natural colour. In the case of additives that are chemical-based it can cause very dry and damaged hair unless it is removed completely. We do not recommend using Hairprint over compound henna products.

I chemically relax my hair. Will Hairprint work for me?
Relaxers weaken and break the natural structure and bonds of the hair and makes it more porous. It may therefore take up more colour than it should. For this reason, Hairprint should only be used on relaxed hair that is naturally dark. Because of the way that Hairprint works, we highly recommend that if you plan to relax your hair you do so after a Hairprint treatment and not before. If you have relaxed the hair and wish to use Hairprint, we recommend using our transition method to ensure that your hair remains healthy and strong.

How do I transition from chemically altered hair to healthy hair treated with Hairprint?
We do not recommend putting Hairprint directly on to dyed, bleached, or highlighted hair. It will turn the hair too dark, dry and brittle. If your natural hair colour is darkest brown to black (1-2), there is no problem and you can apply Hairprint directly to the dyed hair.
If you use 100% pure body art quality henna or indigo you do not need to transition.
If your product does not disclose or label ingredients you may be using a compound henna. In which case, please use our transition method.
Many women may want to make a transition from using hair dyes and compound hennas to Hairprint.
This is how to do it:
After washing the hair that you desire to restore with the Pretreatment, apply softened, pure shea or coco butter on the previously chemically treated length of your hair. Make sure there is a healthy coating on the hair so that the rinse water does not get into those portions of the hair. Apply Hairprint as instructed, but only on the new and grey roots. Every month, continue to extend coverage to the new undamaged hair until the previously chemically treated hair has been trimmed away. Your new growth will be shinier, healthy, and more manageable.

Why do this?
Hair has an innate structure, which arranges the eumelanin pigment in a way that is unique to you. We call that your "hairprint." That structure determines how pigment refracts the light and thus how we see colour. Chemical hair dyes and bleaches are designed to strip hair of its colour, which damage the internal structure of the hair. This hair is no unpredictable and may darken excessively to black and become dry and brittle.

If your hair is bleached or highlighted with bleach.
Bleached hair is chemically processed hair, and has to potential to soak up Hairprint, and as with dyed hair, it can turn black, dry and brittle. If your hair is highlighted and you want to retain them, you can use foils during the process so that you are only colouring the darker areas. You can always highlight after a Hairprint treatment, because Hairprint hair is natural hair, but then you will ALWAYS need to use the transition method.

How should I maintain my hair after using Hairprint?
We recommend using gentle – sulfate free shampoos and nourishing conditioners. Please take a close look at the ingredients in your shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. Many of the products used can prevent Hairprint from fully functioning. These products may clog the hair follicle and leach nutrients from the hair. Please do not use Castile Soaps on your hair as they build up and leave a fatty acid residue.

How do silicone ingredients affect the hair?
Silicones include the ingredients ending in 'cone', 'xane' or 'conol'. Silicone compounds were traditionally used in transmissions, lubricants, sealants, and window caulk, but now they are used on hair. Some of them can adhere to the hair, clog the cuticle and build up and even damage the hair. Others are soluble and wash out easily. When you see advertisements touting how a product gives the hair more body and shine, it is probably a silicone coating that is doing it. Our Chelating Shampoo can remove most of these, but we prefer you not use them in advance of a Hairprint treatment since they vary widely in their effect.

Are oil treatments good for me?
Coconut and other oils are wonderful treatments for the hair, but they may block Hairprint. Constant use may permeate the hair so when using Hairprint it is best to stop a couple days before treatment. Please avoid coconut based Castille soaps on your hair. They may adhere to and clog the hair cuticle.

Can I save some of the product to mix at a later date?
Yes. This is especially important for men or women with short hair, or for touching up your roots. Keep in mind that this isn't advisable for hair or roots longer than 1-inch in length, and if this is your first application of Hairprint and/or have more than 30% grey hair, we recommend using the full kit for best results. Hairprint cannot be measured by volume or ounces. We recommend a gram scale that measures 1/10th of a gram. We also recommend using the full pretreatment packet when dividing the kit. We have additional packets for sale in our online store.

Important note: The contents of packet/bottle #1 and #2 are the same. When you divide a kit, divide packet and bottle #1 in half and use it twice. Leave packet and bottle #2 unopened for the next time you need to apply the product. Here are the proportions to divide the kit in half:
Restore Powders should be divided to weigh - 17.5 grams each 
Restore Liquids should be divided to weigh- 56 grams each
Complete Powder should be divided to weigh- 5 grams each
Complete Liquid should be divided to weigh 56 grams each

*DO NOT split the Prepare Packet. You must use all of it. Additional Prepares can be purchased individually on our website*
*After opening the #3 packet, be sure to seal the unused portion tightly by rolling up the sachet, putting a rubber band around it, and sealing it in an airtight ziplock bag. Store the product in a cool (55-70F) dry and dark place. The powder may discolour slightly during storage, but it has no impact on the efficacy of the product. Product will last two months after its initial opening.

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