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Guide to Overnight Moisturisers

Imagine waking up to beautiful skin every single morning! Well, natural night creams and serums are designed to do just that, working their magic while we are sound asleep - there's a reason we call it "beauty sleep"! To help you find the best fit for your skin, I've put together this guide to the very best natural night creams and serums.

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They don't call it "beauty sleep" for nothing! Sleep is so important for the overall health of bodies, so it is no wonder that it is also incredibly important for our skin! Sleep also happens to be the perfect time for us to take advantage of rich and rejuvenating natural night creams so our skin can soak up all that goodness overnight - after all, we sleep for a third of the day, why not make the best of it and pack even more skin care benefits into our eight hours each night? With the right natural night cream you really can wake up to more beautiful skin every day no matter your skin type, as many formulas actually work to support your skin's natural regenerative process so you can boost your body's own damage-repairing power.

Benefits of night cream

When we think about it, our skin is put through a lot each day. Makeup and harsh environmental factors can wreak havoc on our skin, leading to premature signs of ageing such as sun spots, pigmentation, fine lines and dehydration. As we get older, our skin changes and becomes 'mature' anyway, often meaning we need more moisture and more powerful skin care than we did as our younger selves. The evening is actually the perfect time to help restore and refresh our skin as night creams work their magic while we sleep soundly. But what is the difference between day cream and night cream?

Night cream and day cream difference

Firstly, one of the big differences between day and night creams is texture. Day creams are usually specially formulated to feel practically weightless on our skin so that they sit comfortably beneath makeup, but night creams don't compromise on moisture! They can be thicker or heavier than daytime moisturisers as they are designed to deliver a boost of rich hydration all night long. Natural night creams can also contain different active ingredients - some wonderful ingredients such as Vitamin A (also known as Retinol) aren't recommended to wear on the skin during the day as they can make our skin more sensitive to the sun, but overnight they can work to brighten skin, fade pigmentation and support the skin's natural repair process without interruption!

Best natural night serums and creams

100% Pure Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum
The 100% Pure Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum is a perfect lightweight option for anyone who wants to wake up to brighter looking skin without the heaviness of a moisturiser. This potent night treatment contains 10% pure Vitamin C, which is known for its brightening properties and ability to fade pigmentation, as well as 10% Niacinamide, while the inclusion of 1% Retinol and 1% CoQ10 work to help boost collagen production and encourage smoother, more even skin tone. This serum is ideal for those looking to reduce lines, firm up wrinkles and reduce the appearance of sun damage.

100% Pure Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm
In a rich and nourishing balm formula, the 100% Pure Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm is packed with powerfully hydrating goodies like Avocado Butter, Olive Oil and Shea Butter to smooth and replenish dry and dehydrated skin, while active Vitamin C and Retinol help to even out skin tone and brighten dark spots. To use, warm a small amount up in your hands to melt the balm into a creamy, buttery texture, then apply all over the face.

Lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream
If your skin is really giving away how tired you are, try the Lavera Re-Energizing Sleeping Cream. This Certified Natural night cream provides intensive moisture thanks to nourishing Almond and Olive Oils, plumping Hyaluronic Acid, and smoothing Squalane, Grape and Vitamin E. Designed to help combat signs of fatigue, such as dehydration and uneven skin tone, this revitalising formula is a great all-rounder and is also Vegan.

Vanessa Megan Marine Collagen Anti-Ageing Night Cream
Powered by plant-based marine collagen from Spirulina and Kelp, the Vanessa Megan Marine Collagen Anti-Ageing Night Cream is another great option for overnight anti-ageing. This natural cream also contains a potent mix of Narcissus Tazetta Bulb Extract technology, Gotu Kola and Ginseng (known as nature's alternative to Botox), working to help slow down premature ageing by targeting wrinkles, increasing skin firmness and elasticity, and lightening age spots. Vegan and Australian made, it can be applied all over the face, neck and décolletage before bedtime.

Andalou Naturals Super Goji Peptide Perfecting Cream
With a fresh fruity scent that smells good enough to eat, the Andalou Naturals Super Goji Peptide Perfecting Cream contains powerfully brightening antioxidants from Fruit Stem Cells, Resveratrol, CoQ10 and Goji Berries. Perfect as a richly moisturising night cream which also delivers a burst of anti-ageing actives, this whipped and creamy formula also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Vitamin E to help improve skin texture, while Vitamin C tones and brightens.

Lily Lolo Hydrate Night Cream - Normal Skin
Ideal for those who prefer more of a lightweight night cream texture, the Lily Lolo Hydrate Night Cream - Normal Skin is a hydrating yet fast absorbing formula that is perfect for most skin types. It's packed with moisture-replenishing Jojoba and Argan Oils, soothing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and plumping Squalane and Sea Plant Stem Cells to help soften and smooth skin overnight. This Vegan facial cream also has a gorgeously fresh scent from Lavender and Rose Geranium.

Madara Regenerating Night Cream
Designed to help correct environmental damage, the Madara Regenerating Night Cream contains antioxidant-rich ingredients such as Jojoba, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Tomato Extract and Sea Buckthorn to help turn back the clock while you sleep! Its rich, soft texture is easily absorbed, making it perfect for all skin types. Vitamins C & E target sun spots and lines, while soothing Chamomile and Calendula calm tired skin. Dermatological testing on 30 women actually found that all participants said their skin looked firmer and smoother after four weeks of use, and was noticeably brighter too.

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