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How to Quit Sugar But Not the Sweetness

If you are having a hard time sticking to those New Year's resolutions, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to help you curb those sugar cravings and cut out the bad stuff for good, without having to sacrifice the sweetness.

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So many of us set ourselves the goal of cutting out, or at least reducing, our sugar intake, but while it's a great goal to have, it's definitely easier said than done! Many of us cut out sweet treats and food from our daily diet, but it can be harder when it comes to drinks because sometimes you just feel like having something more interesting than water. Drinks can actually contain a lot of sugar, so it's important to ensure you are not undoing all of your hard work with eating right by drinking something sweet. A trick that I have found really helps is to just replace the sugary drink with a healthier alternative, and this is where natural supplements, superfoods and teas can help to deliver that sweetness or satisfying flavour without the sugar hit. This way you can still enjoy sweet tastes!

Benefits of reducing sugar intake

It can be easy to forget how much sugar we consume through drinks alone, even if you are cutting it out of your food. Did you know that a 600ml bottle of regular soft drink can contain around 16 teaspoons of sugar? Fizzy drinks usually have little to no nutritional value, and 'diet' drinks tend to be sweetened through other means, such as artificial ingredients.1 Eating and drinking too much sugar can lead to weight gain, as the sugar and energy that we don't burn off just turns itself into fat. Too much sugar can also cause major damage to your teeth, so try integrating some naturally flavoured supplements and herbal teas into your daily meals to replace any sugary drinks.

Natural supplements to replace sugary drinks

The Beauty Chef BODY Powder Vanilla
Craving a delicious Vanilla milkshake? Trying using The Beauty Chef BODY Powder Vanilla instead. This delicious Vanilla powder can be blended into your smoothie or porridge to curb those Vanilla cravings, plus it stimulates your digestive system with a boost of vitamins and probiotics. It also works to support clear skin, and is a great a source of clean, plant-based protein.

Amazonia Raw Acai Skin Active
I love the Amazonia Raw Acai Skin Active supplement if I feel like something sweet and berry flavoured as you can actually take this as a shot or dilute it into your water so it feels like you're drinking a fruit juice or cordial without all the sugar. It does more than just taste good too, as mineral and antioxidant rich Acai also works to support collagen production, while over 12 billion probiotics provide digestive support.

Power Super Foods Cacao Powder
For the chocoholics, I recommend the Power Super Foods Cacao Powder. This delicious alternative to chocolate actually contains over 360% more antioxidants than regular Cocoa thanks to the nutrient rich properties of raw, organic Cacao. Its antioxidant content is also 21 times higher than Green Tea and seven times more than dark chocolate, making this the 'healthiest' chocolate you will ever eat! Use it in your smoothies and baking or to make delicious hot drinks.

Edible Beauty Tea No. 1 - Green Goddess Detox
If you've been on a bit of a sugar high and want to start fresh, try the Edible Beauty Tea No. 1 - Green Goddess Detox, which contains botanical ingredients including Jasmine Green Tea, Ginger, Dandelion, Lemongrass, Apple and Spearmint to help cleanse your system, boost hydration and curb those cravings. This refreshing blend makes the perfect morning pick-me-up, and can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

Amazonia Sugar Crave Spray
For when you just can't get past those cravings, my not-so-secret weapon that I swear by is the Amazonia Sugar Crave Spray. This game-changing spray has been formulated to help combat unwanted food cravings. All you need to do is spray it onto your tongue! It includes Green Black Walnut Hull, Clove Flower, Pumpkin Seeds and Gentian Root, which work together to help target bad bacteria in the digestive tract and reduce sweet cravings*.

Source: 1Live Lighter.*Amazonia Raw

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