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Best Facial Oils to Use with a Dermal Roller

Dermal Rollers are such skin care game-changers, allowing your facial oils to better absorb into the skin. But which oils should you be applying after you use your Dermal Roller? I've put together this quick guide to help you choose the best oil based on your skin type.

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Have you heard of Dermal Rollers? They are revolutionising the way we use our natural skin care, allowing us to reap the benefits of natural ingredients like never before. So what exactly is a Dermal Roller, what can it do for your skin, and which oils should you be following up your treatment with, based on your skin type?

What is a Dermal Roller?

Dermal Rollers are amazing handheld devices that allow for greater absorption of skin care products, using tiny needles that, when rolled over the surface of clean skin, create very small micro channels which allow your skin to better absorb any facial serums and oils you apply afterwards. It doesn't hurt to use, and it also stimulates circulation and skin regeneration for a smoother, clearer and more youthful complexion. A Dermal Roller needs to be used on clean skin, with any facial serums and oils to be applied after your treatment. To get the most out of your Dermal Roller, it's important to follow it up with the right natural oil for your skin. You can read more about how to use a Dermal Roller in my blog post here!

Best natural facial oils by skin type

Sensitive skin

Pai Rosehip Oil
The Pai Rosehip Oil is a favourite among those with sensitive skin as it's super gentle and designed not to aggravate sensitivities and skin conditions. Clinical studies show that Rosehip is effective at improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks, sun damage, pigmentation and fine lines, plus it doesn't cause any additional sun-sensitivity, so it can be applied both day and night. It's also rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids to encourage skin repair and stronger, more supple skin.

Normal skin

Curelle Cacay Oil
If your skin is normal, meaning it doesn't err towards dry or oily, I recommend the Curelle Cacay Oil. With a higher concentration of Vitamins A and E than Rosehip and Argan Oils, Cacay Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients which work to keep skin glowing and fight against signs of ageing. Sustainably sourced from the Amazon, this vegan facial oil can help to restore suppleness, firmness and elasticity to skin while delivering a burst of moisture.

Dry skin

Mukti Omega Facial Oil
If you're dealing with particularly dry or dehydrated skin, opt for an oil like the Mukti Omega Facial Oil, which you can use on its own or in conjunction with your regular moisturiser. It contains 15 cold pressed nut and seed oils, including Macadamia, Jojoba, Chia and Mango, plus Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, so it works to fight free radical damage, encourage greater moisture retention and maintain the overall health of the skin.

Mature skin

Life Basics CoQ10 Oil
The Life Basics CoQ10 Oil is a winner for more mature skin types as it works to hydrate the skin and plump up fine lines, as well as brighten the skin to improve the appearance of pigmentation and age spots. It's rich in skin loving Sweet Almond Oil, Sea Buckthorn, Vitamin C and CoQ10, and contains protein building amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, K, C, A, E, folic acid, over 60 antioxidants and at least 20 minerals. Vegan and Australian made, it's lightweight, silky smooth and non-greasy, and can help to target signs of ageing such as pigmentation and scarring.

Oily skin

Uspa Purifying Oil
Oily skin will love the Uspa Purifying Oil as it works to promote skin healing and rejuvenation without clogging up your pores. It contains a lightweight yet hydrating blend of Sweet Almond, Rosehip and Carrot Seed Oils, while Juniper Berry, Lime and Peppermint have astringent and antiseptic properties, making it great for soothing and detoxifying congested skin and cleansing it of acne-causing bacteria.

Acne prone skin

Andalou Willow Bark Pure Pore Serum
If you suffer from hormonal acne, I recommend the Andalou Willow Bark Pure Pore Serum as it's been specially formulated for acne-prone skin. It contains Salicylic Acid to help break down build-up, soothing Aloe Vera to help reduce redness and inflammation, and Witch Hazel, which is a mild astringent, to soften and tone skin. Calming and balancing, this Vegan and Gluten Free combination of soothing, hydrating, skin-balancing ingredients works to stimulate blood flow, regulate oil production, calm post-blemish pigmentation and leave skin looking and feeling much clearer.

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