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How to treat Dry Skin!

Do you suffer from dry skin? As the weather changes it can often worsen the problem! So that’s why you need to try out these natural skincare products destined to be your skin’s saviour!

Everybody has a different skin type and with that comes different skin problems. I often get questions about how best to treat dry or dehydrated skin, so I decided to dedicate a whole blog post to it! Dry skin can be such a pain, especially at this time of year when the heat tends to worsen the issue. The simple solution of course is to keep moisturised and hydrated, but with so many dry skin products out there, it’s hard to know which ones actually work! In this blog post I’m going to share with you some of my favourite dry skin products we have here on Nourished Life plus some interesting info on why our skin becomes dry!

What causes our skin to be dry?

Did you know dry skin can be hereditary? There are both internal and external factors that can cause dry skin! If you have a history of dry skin in your family, then unfortunately your risk of developing it is quite high. Although this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any simple changes you can make to lessen the irritation! There are a few things you may be doing that can be causing dry skin. Some of the most common causes are over-washing with harsh soaps, low humidity, cold temperatures and overuse of alcohol based sanitisers. Dry skin conditions may also be worsened by some prescribed medications, so consult with your doctor if this could be you!

How do we know if we have dry skin?

Some easy ways to identify if your skin is on the dry side is noticing how it reacts after getting out of the shower. Does your skin feel tight before you moisturise? Do you have noticeable fine lines or creases? Then you probably have dry skin!

How can we treat dry skin?

Some quick fixes include taking showers that aren’t too steamy, using soaps that don’t strip our bodies of moisture and increasing the humidity in your house during the winter months.

Another important step to treating dry skin is to regularly exfoliate! Regular exfoliation helps to remove any dead skin cell buildup that causes dry, flaking skin. There are so many easy and effective ways to exfoliate from using natural body scrubs to dry body brushing. If you’ve never heard of dry body brushing then take a read of this blog post!

On Nourished Life we have some amazing natural products that can soothe dry, dehydrated skin and leave your skin looking and feeling softer and more moisturised!

The Jojoba Company Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil is an amazing multi-purpose oil that is packed full of omega fatty acids, vitamins and anti ageing benefits! It really is a miracle product that can help plump the skin and leave it looking moisturised and youthful. This one by The Jojoba Company is great for people with dry skin and can be used all over your face, body, hair and nails because it has a natural moisturiser that may help smooth wrinkles and fight ageing. Jojoba is an amazing natural discovery and is the only plant known to produce wax esters similar to those in our skin! The jojoba plant is hypoallergenic and full of powerful antioxidants and vitamins. When applied to the body this oil sinks deep into our skin and hydrates at a level most normal moisturisers can’t! Although this product is ideal for those with dry skin, everyone can reap the benefits of this oil!

I’ve even dedicated an entire blog post to The Jojoba Company so click here to read more!

Weleda Skin Food
I’ve often talked about how great the products from Weleda are! I love their skincare philosophy that is targeted at different age groups and skin types. They really have products to suit everyone! If you have dry skin, then I highly recommend the Weleda Skin Food. It’s an award winning natural body cream that is intensely nourishing and hydrating! You can use this product on rough, dry skin anywhere on your body, hands, face, elbows, knees or anywhere else that needs some extra nourishment! This cream is made with 100% natural ingredients and extracts like wild pansy, calendula and organic chamomile. These ingredients are naturally calming and blended with lanolin, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil. This Weleda formula hasn’t changed since 1926, and the results show why! When applied to the dry areas of skin on your body it provides a barrier against environmental stresses and deeply moisturises. It is also completely free of artificial preservatives, colours, fragrances and parabens! This cruelty free product is perfect for those with naturally dry skin or anyone who needs a little extra moisture as the weather changes!

If you’d like to know more about how you can save your skin at any age then read this blog post!

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Brand: The Jojoba Company Weleda

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