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How to Get Your Little Ones to Sleep

Teething pains, tummy troubles and difficulty calming down can all make bedtime a real struggle for both kids and parents. When your little ones just can't settle down and you feel like tearing your hair out it can turn into a bit of a nightmare, so I've put together this guide to the best natural products for getting kids to sleep.

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When your child is fussy, irritable and distressed, sometimes we feel like there's nothing we can do to help take the sadness away, especially when they're so little and can't always tell us exactly what's wrong. Whether it's teething pains, an upset tummy or just trouble calming down, young children can have a tough time getting to sleep, making it hard for tired parents to get them completely relaxed and settled down for the night. Natural children's health products can help to relieve pain and discomfort and help send your little ones off into a peaceful night's sleep, so that you can too. With so many reviews from happy parents with happy kids, they're absolute lifesavers when it comes to keeping children calm, relaxed and ready for bed.

Weleda Baby Teething Powder
Most babies cut their first tooth between four and nine months, with swelling or red gums signs of teething pains. A difficult time for both baby and parents, a teething child might drool, put objects in their mouth, have red cheeks and show signs of distress. Designed to provide natural, soothing relief from discomfort, the Weleda Baby Teething Powder contains Chamomile Extract and Conchae, also known as Oyster Shell, a natural Calcium Carbonate, to calm swollen gums and help reduce pain. Chamomile is well known as a natural remedy thanks to its relaxing and healing properties, with this calming powder helping to ease irritability and promote a good night's sleep. In a lactose base, this gentle formula helps to take away the aches and calms baby down. To use, mix a 1/4 of a teaspoon in a teaspoon of warm water. Older babies on solid foods can take on its own. Dosage is generally 3-4 times daily but can be given as often as every 15 minutes for up to six doses. It can also be rubbed directly onto painful gum areas for fast relief. Please consult your healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

Amazing Oils Baby Magnesium Sleepy Toes Towelettes
Designed especially to help little ones relax and get to sleep, the Amazing Oils Baby Magnesium Sleepy Toes Towelettes contain organically sourced Magnesium in a concentration of 30mg per wipe to help calm down restless little bodies and improve moods. Suitable for babies from three months old and children up to three years, these non-irritating wipes can be applied to the soles of the feet before bed to allow the Magnesium to be absorbed through the skin, providing relief from anxiety, crankiness and exhaustion. Soft and gentle on skin, these Australian made wipes can also help to minimise any muscular cramps, helping kids truly relax and get a good rest. Use one wipe per day and gradually increase to two or three as required. Test before use. If any reaction occurs apply to damp skin only for the first week of use. For external use only.

Badger Sleep Balm
This all natural sleep balm is a terrific sleep helper for kids (and then even have a small child/baby version here called Night Nigh Balm. Don't let the mild scent confuse you, it is the unique combination of ingredients and the massaging of this under the nose, on the lips and on the temples that do the trick.

Kiwiherb Kid's Calm
Formulated to aid digestion and help relax irritable children, the Kiwiherb Kid's Calm works to provide calming relief from tummy pains, wind, colic and gripe. In a delicious tasting base of natural Strawberry flavour, Blackcurrant and Organic Rice Syrup, this relaxing formula also contains calming Chamomile to address digestive issues and help calm a racing mind. Ideal for children aged from 2 to 12 years, this Vegan, Dairy and Gluten Free syrup is perfect for helping irritable kids get to sleep or calm down while travelling. It can be taken up to four times daily as is or diluted in water or juice. Please read the label for dosage.

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