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What You Need to Know About the Vitastiq

With our busy daily lives, it's often easy to neglect our health and forget about whether we're getting enough vitamins and minerals. Pair that with cold and flu season, and illness can take over. Designed to help you keep track of your nutrition, the Vitastiq can help you boost your immunity, so I've put together this guide to explain just how it works.

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Sometimes life can get so busy that our health and nutrition takes a backseat, especially when you're a busy parent or you've just got a lot on your plate. This is where I find smart jewellery and fitness trackers really helpful, just because they make it so much easier to help keep track of your health so you can better maintain it. One of the most interesting trackers I have come across is the Vitastiq. If you haven't already heard about it, it was featured on the TV show The Living Room recently, with celebrity trainer Shannon Ponton raving about it. It can really make it so much faster and simpler to track your nutrition and vitamin intake, allowing you to take more control of your immunity, fitness and general wellbeing.

What is the Vitastiq?

Vitastiq is a personal vitamin and mineral tracker. It's a pen-like device, plus an app for your phone or tablet that you can use to check on the levels of 26 vitamins and minerals in the body, including Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D and Calcium. It uses Electro-Acupuncture technology to measure the electrical conductance at key acupuncture points on the body, which then syncs the results and gives you a report via the app. It's completely painless and non-invasive and you can use it any time and anywhere. The technology has been tried and tested by over 25,000 specialists globally, but Vitastiq has condensed it down into the first ever personal device of its kind.

How can Vitastiq improve your health?

We all know that the key to fighting illness is maintaining a strong immune system. To maintain your immunity, you need to ensure that you're feeding your body all of the vitamins and minerals it really needs. Vitastiq can show you how well you're delivering those all important factors to your body by giving you timely insights and allowing you to take positive steps for your health. Not only is this good for your immune system, but it can also potentially help cell protection, mental health, cognitive function and even fertility – all of which can rely on having the right levels of vitamins and minerals in our bodies. You can use Vitastiq to keep track of your history too, so you can see positive changes as you start to introduce specific vitamins and minerals into your routine. What I really love about it is that it's all about prevention rather than cure, so you can use it year round to help keep your health in check.

How do you use the Vitastiq?

It might sound like a complicated system, but it's actually really easy to use, and each Vitastiq comes with an instruction booklet. You just need to connect the pen to your phone or tablet (there are two versions so you can use either Bluetooth or a cable), and the app will instruct you as you go. You use the pen to press on key acupuncture points, like your thumb (you need to moisten each point first to get an accurate reading), and the app will calculate your essential vitamin and mineral levels. You don't need to remember exactly how to use the Vitastiq either, because the app will guide you through the entire process with really easy to follow images. It's completely painless and non invasive, and it can really help you to keep track of how well you're looking after your body.

Vitastiq Cable Version
Made from high quality stainless steel, the Vitastiq Cable Version is perfect for easy, at-home vitamin and mineral tracking. Ideal for use by the whole family, the app allows you to set up multiple profiles so that everyone can track their levels across their own devices. Simply plug it into the audio port of a smartphone or tablet and connect to the free Vitastiq app to use. It's lightweight and portable too, coming with its own travel case so you can take it to work or on holiday. For fast and easy use on the go, I recommend opting for the wireless Bluetooth Edition.

Image credits: Vitastiq. *Please note that this is not a medical device. It cannot prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any medical conditions - it can only help you to track and monitor your lifestyle and fitness activities. If you are concerned about your levels, please visit your healthcare professional. The Vitastiq has been independently tested for accuracy - please contact Nourished Life for details of the Clinical Research Paper.

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