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All About The Pollen Honey & Sugar Facial Scrub

Honey and Sugar sound good enough to eat, but did you know they can actually help to rid your skin of acne? In this next blog I've put together a guide to why natural facial Sugar scrubs are so beneficial and what makes this Pollen one so great.

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Throughout the year, but especially during Winter, there can be times when our skin just feels dry, dull and flaky and needs a boost of radiance. Rather than take an expensive trip to the day spa, why not try a natural facial scrub at home? Yet with so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to start with. With over 200 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, there's one natural facial scrub which I think takes the cake, and so many reasons to give it a go.

Why should you exfoliate?

Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in your skin care routine for getting rid of dry skin. A natural facial exfoliant works to remove dry and dead skin from the skin's surface by gently scrubbing away any flaky bits to leave you with fresh, glowing baby-soft skin. Natural facial scrubs use tiny granules to buff away that dry skin and help stimulate blood flow and cell regeneration, all while giving you the deepest possible clean. While it's great to exfoliate your skin year round, exfoliation can be particularly important in winter as both the cool wind and artificial heating from air conditioning can dry out our skin and exacerbate other skin conditions such as acne or eczema.

Why use a Sugar scrub?

You can actually potentially damage the delicate skin on your face by exfoliating with the wrong product. Sharp or coarse granules of Pumice, Walnuts or Apricot Shell, which are often found in body scrubs, can actually leave the face red and irritated when used on the delicate complexion. This is why there are scrubs and exfoliators formulated for either the face or body! Natural sugar scrubs work to gently and carefully remove dry, dead skin cells and build up instead of rubbing your skin raw. They're also so easy to remove too! Just splash your face with water after you're done and the Sugar crystals will dissolve away.

How to use a natural Sugar scrub

Sugar scrubs start off firm, and when combined with water, dissolve into finer and finer particles to penetrate and dislodge the deepest congestion within the pores of our skin. With each treatment, the face can be transformed from a dull complexion to a glowing one! Results include visibly refined texture as well as reduced pore size that feels remarkably smooth to touch. Ideal for treating severe cases of acne, both hormonal and teenage, Sugar scrubs are also perfect for skin that experiences the odd breakout, helping to unclog pores by removing build-up on the skin's surface. To use, place a small amount of scrub into your palm and partially dissolve with a little bit of water, then apply to face and massage in until completely dissolved. Splash your face with warm water and remove residue with a dampened muslin cloth.

Natural facial Sugar scrub

Pollen Botanicals Honey & Sugar Exfoliator
Perfect for all skin types, the Pollen Botanicals Honey & Sugar Exfoliator has been developed to be especially great for hormonal breakouts. With active ingredients including soothing and antibacterial Organic Raw Honey, exfoliating Organic Sugar, and antioxidant rich Organic Kiwi & Papaya Fruit Extracts, this soothing yet stimulating facial scrub works to combat acne by removing dead skin cells and smoothing and softening the complexion. Its gentle exfoliating action also helps to open up your pores, allowing your usual serum or moisturiser to penetrate and be absorbed by the skin more effectively, with less product needed. Australian Made and Palm Oil Free, this amazing Sugar scrub is great for teenage skin or those struggling with hormonal acne.

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