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How You Can Save the Planet From Home!

I believe that even minor changes make a huge difference when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint. Here are my top tips for how you can help the environment from home!

Did you know that your online shopping habits can have a huge effect on your carbon footprint? We all know greenhouse gas emissions are a bad thing, but what a lot of people don't know is just how serious they are and how easy it is to reduce the volume of carbon emissions you're responsible for. You can completely change the size of your carbon footprint just by putting a little extra thought into your daily activities - I've adopted these tips myself, and they're all so easy to put into practice!

What are carbon emissions?

Put simply, carbon emissions are the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere - which sounds pretty basic, but they're actually eating away at our planet. These emissions can be naturally occurring (like animal and plant respiration), but a huge percentage of carbon emissions come from humans with the use of fossil fuels being the biggest problem. Carbon emissions play a huge part in global warming, meaning the sea is rising, ice is melting, and many animals and plants can no longer survive where they used to.

How can you reduce carbon emissions yourself?

Cutting down on fossil fuels is surprisingly easy. By taking on these 5 simple steps, you'll be doing your share to look after our beautiful planet. Even just making little changes makes a big difference!

1. Use public transport wherever possible
Is there a public transport route to get you from A to B? Take it! Fewer cars on the road means less carbon dioxide. Or better yet, walk or cycle if you can. Walking to and from your destination will not only reduce your carbon emissions, it will also give you some great exercise and fresh air - it's a win-win! While you're out and about, make sure you've got enough water to keep you hydrated, but avoid buying plastic water bottles at all costs - you'll just be undoing your hard work by adding to landfill instead! I take my Life Basics Biophotonic Glass Water Bottle with me wherever I go.

2. Work from home if you can
If you're able to work from home, try to do so when you can. Less transportation to and from work equals less carbon emissions, plus you can stay in your trackies all day! If working from home isn't an option, talk to your workplace about having designated work-from-home days where possible. The only thing better than reducing your own carbon emissions is reducing the carbon emissions of your entire office! If you have to go into the office, make sure you take a reusable KeepCup Coffee Cup with you every day to avoid using those disposable, non-recyclable coffee cups that just end up in landfill.

3. Really think about your online shopping habits
Do you regularly shop from stores located outside of Australia? To get your order to you, that company will have to rely on a plane or a boat AND a delivery van. Try to shop locally and support local businesses to limit the carbon emissions spent on transporting small items. If you're buying things like fresh produce locally, you can minimise packaging waste by taking the Onya Life Reusable Produce Bags with you wherever you go! Mine live inside my handbag.

4. Think before you fly
If you can get to your destination in any other way, then do it. Air travel is the worst culprit for carbon emissions! If you're flying with an airline which offers novelty or disposable accessories like eye masks, refuse them whenever you can. It's always a good idea to bring your own things to avoid unnecessary waste. Invest in a Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask so you can be prepared for every trip!

5. 'Vote' with your dollar
Opt to buy products that support local communities, limit their carbon emissions and recycle thoroughly. Showing support with your money goes a long way to change the way that companies think about their customers and the environment. Nourished Life is committed to using eco-friendly packaging, minimising our environmental impact wherever possible, and keeping business practices sustainable!

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