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Ep 12: Why a Green Leaf on the Label Doesn't Make a Product Natural

In this episode of our Nourished Life podcast, find out what greenwashing is and how you can avoid being tricked with one of the original natural and organic beauty brands, Weleda.

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I honestly cannot think of a more iconic natural beauty brand than Weleda. A true pioneer, it has been around for almost a century and is recognised all around the world thanks to its colourful packaging. Actually, it might be one of the first organic skin care brands ever created! Without a doubt, Weleda is the epitome of clean beauty. In this episode, find out what makes Weleda so trustworthy and respected in comparison to mainstream brands – because, as we will discover, a green leaf on the label does not equal natural.

In this episode of Talking Clean with Irene, I speak to Jayn Sterland, Managing Director of Weleda in the UK. Jayn lives and breathes natural beauty – she's an expert in greenwashing (listen to find out more about this topic) and knows exactly how we can avoid it. Jayn also talks us through exactly what makes Weleda products so uniquely special, right down to the time of day that their ingredients are harvested from their very own biodynamic farms. As Jayn puts it, at Weleda, they are farmers as well as pharmacists!

"What we're encouraging every single one of us to do is not to trust the fact that the brand has a green leaf on it, and might be making lovely, soft, enticing marketing claims, but actually do your own research because what goes on you may go in you."
– Jayn Sterland

Here are all of the topics Jayn and I covered...

• Was Weleda really the very first natural skin care brand? (1:40)
• The very first products ever created (4:18)
• How has Weleda survived for almost a century?! (4:57)
• The massive product range (7:13)
• How Weleda facial skin care is different – it's ranged by age rather than "skin type". Iris range – balancing for use in our 20s, Wild Rose – harmonising for our 30s, Pomegranate – regenerating for our 40s (8:06)
• How the bestselling Salt Toothpaste actually works (10:09)
• Why they are "health products" rather than cosmetics (12:41)
Skin Food – the one Weleda product that everyone must have! (13:10)
• What's so great about the new whipped Skin Food Body Butter (14:48)
• How greenwashing has become rampant in the beauty industry – certifications and the difference to the organic food industry (16:38)
• Why natural baby skin care is important (20:48)
• How to avoid being "greenwashed" (21:46)
• The best baby bath milks – Weleda Calendula Cream Bath, a natural "sedative" (22:14)
• Is it really true that Weleda's biodynamic farmers actually pick the herbs and flowers at a specific time of day?! (23:39)
• Weleda's natural medicines – Irene's favourites: the Teething Powder and Burns & Bites Cooling Gel (27:47)
• Must-haves for teenagers – Arnica Cream and Arnica Tablets for bruises and bumps (29:24)
Hypercal Cream – the natural equivalent of Savlon (29:55)
• Have we lost touch with traditional herbal medicine? (30:35)
• Are we bringing natural wellbeing back?! (33:06)
• What's next for Weleda? Any new ingredients – what about medicinal mushrooms? (34:34)

Jayn's Top 4 Products

  • Weleda Skin Food My all time Weleda favourite, I always have a tube in my bag or pocket. It's the ultimate in versatility - I've even used it on insect bites and sunburn!
  • Weleda Birch Juice This is my go-to every couple of months. I love the taste (which is quite bitter) and it helps with detox and seems to make a difference to my joints.
  • Weleda Salt Toothpaste I just LOVE this product. My mouth feels so clean, my teeth shiny and because it's mouth bacteria friendly I don't seem to suffer from mouth ulcers or bad breath too.
  • Weleda Citrus Creamy Bodywash The scent! Made with lots of lemons from Tuscany this is my go-to product for when I need reinvigorating and waking up in the morning.

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