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Are There Any Health Benefits To Snorting Cacao Powder?

Do not try this at home! Now this is not something I condone in any way, but I was curious about this recent craze thats been hitting Europe and now LA... it's snorting Cacao powder!

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Now this is not something I condone in any way, but I was curious about this recent craze that's been hitting Europe and now LA... it's snorting Cacao powder! It may sound insane, but people are loving this new way to enjoy chocolate! It started out as a birthday gift for members of the Rolling Stones and is now a recreational phenomenon! Apparently legal, snorting Cacao powder has become popular practice in European nightclubs and now the LA dance scene. When I heard that people were doing this, I just had to find out why! It's no secret that Cacao has great benefits for our health when consumed the usual ways (a hot chocolate, protein ball etc), so what happens when you snort it?

Who invented snorting Cacao powder?

Initially adapted by renowned Chef Heston Blumenthal in his restaurant The Fat Duck, the practice of snorting Cacao powder has now become popular in European night clubs.

The Cacao snorting craze actually originated in 2007 when Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone created a chocolate snorting device for a Rolling Stones party. The design was based on his grandfather's device that was used to inhale tobacco snuff. According to Persoone, the safest way to snort Cacao powder is to mix it with something as the Cacao on its own can block the nostrils (sounds rather dangerous to me). This chocolatier recommends smoother substances such as powdered mint or strawberry to make the process more pleasant. Of course we do not believe there is ANY safe way to do this and do not recommend trying!

Can snorting Cacao powder actually get you high?

The exact effects of snorting Cacao powder is still unknown. However, it is believed that a plant chemical found in dark chocolate, called epicatechin, widens the blood vessels, increases oxygen supply and gives the body a boost of energy. Cacao also contains endorphins and tyrosine which supports the release of dopamine into the brain.

Are there any benefits of snorting Cacao powder?

No! There are not any known health benefits of snorting Cacao powder. In fact there are some doubts as to whether it has any effect on the body at all. It is definitely not something we would suggested anyone try. Despite this apparently being a legal, snorting Cacao powder would probably not improve your health in any way at all! To really reap the health benefits of Cacao powder, we recommend drinking and eating it the old fashioned way! Ingested it has a long list of health benefits! It is rich in polyphenol antioxidants, it can help support anti-ageing, promote weight loss and improve skin's texture. Raw Cacao is also said to help improve your metabolism, and even help elevate your mood! Just in case you needed more excuses to indulge in chocolate!

Cacao also has amazing benefits when applied to the skin! Rich in antioxidants, Cacao is commonly found in anti-ageing skincare to help support against the premature oxidation of cells. It also works to fight free radicals and promote cellular turnover. As Cacao is filled with omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin C and magnesium, it's fantastic for boosting our skin's overall complexion.

Cacao Powder for food & drinks

For adding to smoothies, hot chocolates, milkshakes and other raw food creations, we need to remember that there is a difference between cacao and cocoa, we love the Power Super Foods Cacao Powder. This raw Cacao powder has over 360% more antioxidants than regular Cocoa! Without being exposed to heat above 40 degrees, all of the minerals and vitamins remain in the powder for maximum absorption. This particular Cacao powder has an ORAC score of 95,500 which means that it has 14x more antioxidants than red wine, 21x more than green tea and 7x more than dark chocolate! It's the perfect addition to any raw and chocolatey dish or drink. Perfect for the Winter time!

If you're looking for a healthier way for your kids to enjoy chocolate, I recommend trying out the NuZest Kids Good Stuff - Mint Choc, $44.95. These protein smoothies taste delicious mixed with the milk your family love best and come in 3 different chocolate flavours to test out - Choc Mint, Choc Banana and Choc Honeycomb! Filled with nutritious Cacao, your kids won't even realise it's healthy!!

Some of my favourite Cacao skincare products!
The Black Chicken Remedies Cocoa Revelation Mask Pack $84.50, is the ideal choice for anyone looking to even out their skin tone and target free radicals. After washing away, I recommend applying the Edible Beauty No.4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion $55, which uses the benefits of Cacao to encourage the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

To bronze up your complexion during the Winter months, apply the 100% Pure Cocoa Bronzer $49.95, which is naturally pigmented with Cocoa and Cacao powders!

When the weather cools down, you can't forget about your body! The Organic Shop Body Scrub - Organic Cocoa & Sugar $12.95, contains organic Cocoa Seed Butter, which is very rich in antioxidants and natural Sugar to scrub off dead skin cells and together they work to reveal smooth, hydrated skin.

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