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Ep 7: Zapping Hormonal Breakouts to Zilch

Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to deal with pimples past our teenage years? Well, sadly, it's not the case. In this podcast episode, find out how to combat adult acne naturally and get the best long term results possible.

Dr Vivian Tam, Zilch acne formula creator Buy now

Sadly, pimples aren't just for teenagers... it's frustrating to say the least, but actually up to half of adults experience acne into their 30s.1 We're not alone! In this episode of Talking Clean with Irene, I'm talking all things adult acne with Dr Vivian Tam, creator of Zilch Acne Formula, a Chinese medicine-based herbal supplement. Vivian is a Doctor of Chinese medicine and a cosmetic acupuncturist – she's passionate about combatting acne naturally so this episode of our Nourished Life podcast is all about her special Zilch formula, what types of acne it works for and how we can get the best possible long-term results for naturally clear skin.

Here's what we chat about...

• What is Zilch and how was it created? (1:40)
• What makes Zilch different to other acne products on the market (2:37)
• Do we only need to take one tub? (4:37)
• Can you take it for monthly hormonal acne? (6:21)
• Is there an age limit for taking Zilch? (8:24)
• What sort of skin care regime do you recommend for best results? (10:37)
• The importance of making the right lifestyle choices for long term results (12:47)
• How was Zilch originally tested for effectiveness? (13:47)
• Can Zilch also be used by men and teenage boys? (16:09)
• Why do you need to take so many tablets per day? (17:05)
• Can we crush them up? (18:34)
• Are there any nuts in Zilch? (20:17)
• How Zilch gives back to charities (21:01)

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Source: 1 ABC News.

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