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Ep 5: Love Your Guts – A How-To on Gut Health

Love your guts... your gut health, I mean! This next episode of our Nourished Life podcast is a gut health special – learn everything you need to know about how to improve gut health naturally with the amazing benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth.

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Gut health sure is on our minds a lot these days, and it's not hard to find out why. Gut issues are actually experienced by a lot of us – according to the Gut Foundation Australia, half of the Australian population complains of some kind of digestive problem each year. My personal gut health journey changed drastically a few years ago when I discovered Supercharged Food. I started taking the Love Your Gut Powder and have never looked back since, so for this episode of our Nourished Life podcast, I'm doing a gut health special with Lee Holmes, a wholefoods chef, health & nutrition coach, published author of nine books, and the creator of this bestselling gut powder, made from nothing but pure diatomaceous earth (DE).

Food grade diatomaceous earth powder and capsules

In Episode 5 of Talking Clean with Irene, Lee explains everything we need to know about diatomaceous earth, a mysterious white powder which sounds like some kind of prehistoric time period, right?! She takes us through all the benefits of DE and the science behind how it works, as well as the best time to take it and even how to hide it in the kids' dinners. Lee even answers our big questions, including whether it's safe to breathe in diatomaceous earth powder. Despite her expert knowledge on nutrition and gut health, Lee keeps it nice and simple, guiding us through the basics of loving our guts naturally.

Diatomaceous earth in capsules

These are the topics we cover:

• What is diatomaceous earth and what are the benefits? (1:34)
• Can it give us more energy? (2:04)
• Is it the same DE as we use in swimming pools? (3:06)
• Which minerals does it contain? (3:52)
• How does it "know" the difference between good and bad bacteria? (5:27)
• How it works compared to probiotics (6:47)
• When & how to take it (7:24)
• Diatomaceous earth for kids (8:29)
• How long should adults take it for? (10:00)
• Are the new Love Your Gut Capsules different to the powder? (10:22)
• Irene's experience taking DE after being sick (12:09)
• Taking DE when travelling (13:09)
• All about the Golden Gut blend (14:04)
• Is it dangerous to inhale Diatomaceous Earth? (15:15)
• What is the Heal Your Gut program? (16:09)

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