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Ultimate Guide to Grants Toothpaste

Grants Toothpaste has to be one of our all-time favourite brands here on Nourished Life, and once you've tried these bestselling natural toothpastes it is not hard to see why! That's why I've put together this guide to all the different Grants flavours (including some new ones) for both adults and kids.

Grants of Australia natural toothpastes Buy now

I have always said that switching the family toothpaste to a natural toothpaste is actually one of the easiest swaps you can make... much easier than you might think! It is totally possible to swap out the mainstream supermarket stuff with a natural alternative without compromising on taste, feel and texture, and that is because natural toothpastes have come a long way from the homemade stuff! Grants of Australia is one of my all-time favourite brands and has actually been around for over 30 years, producing delicious fluoride free toothpastes for our entire families to enjoy. These toothpastes are so popular that they are Nourished Life bestsellers too — top-rated with hundreds of reviews from you!

Natural strawberry toothpaste for kids

What is Grants Toothpaste?

Did you know that Grants Toothpaste has actually been around since 1985?! It's Australian owned and operated, created by the Aronson family, who wanted to find a fluoride free toothpaste that the whole family could use. There was a huge gap in the market at the time, so they simply made their own, and Grants of Australia was born! Named after the street they were living on at the time, Grants was designed to be a range of affordable natural dental care which can be used by adults and children alike. The entire range tastes, looks and feels like traditional mainstream toothpaste, but is free from fluoride, SLS's and gluten. All toothpastes are also completely cruelty free of course, and certified vegan (aside from the Propolis flavour.) Instead of using artificial and sugary sweet ingredients, Grants toothpastes are flavoured with natural herbal extracts and enriched with naturally powerful ingredients to help assist with dental health.

Natural toothpaste for the family

A brand new addition to the Grants range, the Whitening Toothpaste contains Baking Soda to help whiten and brighten teeth. Gentle yet powerful enough to lift stains, this potent formula is designed to help leave your teeth sparkling white and your mouth fresh and clean thanks to a cool mint taste.

Another new Grants flavour is the Sensitive Toothpaste, a perfect natural alternative to mainstream sensitive toothpastes. Specially created with extra gentle ingredients, this formula actually contains Potassium Nitrate, a non-abrasive active ingredient which is known to relieve tooth sensitivity by working to calm the nerves in teeth, block pain signals and also offer long-term relief when used regularly. Non-abrasive and lightly foaming, this creamy toothpaste also works hard to help fight plaque, prevent cavities and freshen breath with cooling herbal extracts. This is actually the first Australian made natural toothpaste to be listed with the TGA (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ID: 303367)

Mild Mint with Aloe Vera
Perfect for the whole family and a Nourished Life bestseller, the Mild Mint with Aloe Vera flavour makes an ideal option for those making the switch from mainstream to natural toothpaste because it tastes and feels just like the mainstream stuff! The family will never know the difference thanks to its mild minty taste and lightly foaming formula. This gentle paste is also ideal for anyone with sensitive gums or teeth.

Mild mint natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Fresh Mint with Tea Tree Oil
For those who need that stronger icy-fresh taste, the Fresh Mint with Tea Tree Oil is unbeatable. It has a strong icy-mint taste from Mint Oil and other herbal extracts, but is also enriched with antibacterial Tea Tree Oil to help tackle bad breath and inflammation, as well as Magnesium and Calcium to help promote healthy teeth and gums.

Fresh mint toothpaste with bamboo toothbrush

Xylitol with Mild Mint
Ideal for helping to prevent cavities, the Xylitol with Mild Mint flavour is packed with Xylitol, an amazing ingredient naturally found in tree bark which helps to prevent the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. With a classic mint taste, this gentle formula also contains Calcium and Phosphate Salts to help repair damaged enamel and prevent further tooth decay.

With a strong minty flavour, the Propolis Toothpaste is another amazing option for the whole family as it is actually formulated with Propolis Extract, a substance naturally produced by bees which has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This formula also contains antimicrobial and antiseptic Tea Tree Oil to help fight bacteria and support the overall health of teeth, gums and mouth. *Please note this is not to be used if you have an allergy to bees or bee products.

Propolis toothpaste Australia

Cinnamon with Neem Oil
A great alternative for anyone who hates mint, try the Cinnamon with Neem Oil Toothpaste, a unique, spicy blend of fragrant Cinnamon, zesty Orange and Neem Oil. This refreshing toothpaste also contains soothing Aloe and antibacterial Xylitol to effectively clean teeth and leave your breath fresh.

Natural kids toothpaste

Blueberry Burst
The delicious Blueberry Burst Toothpaste is fantastic for kids who refuse to use minty toothpastes, thanks to its creamy Blueberry flavour. Like all Grants toothpastes it is enriched with beneficial ingredients like Xylitol, Calcium and Phosphate Salts to help thoroughly clean teeth and prevent the growth of cavity-causing bacteria.

Kids natural flavoured toothpaste

Strawberry Surprise
For little ones who have a real sweet tooth, try the Strawberry Surprise Toothpaste with its sweet and fruity taste from natural Strawberry flavour. It's a great alternative to sickly sweet mainstream kids toothpastes, and is packed with all the usual antibacterial goodies like Xylitol. Kid tested and approved, even the fussiest children will love brushing their teeth each day with this irresistibly yummy paste.

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