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Your Guide to Thank Goat Skin Care

Goats Milk has long been used in natural skin care because it is just so soothing and hydrating... actually Cleopatra used to bathe in it! This wonder ingredient has so many benefits for our skin, so I've put together this guide to Thank Goat, an amazing new range of natural, Australian made Goats Milk skin care.

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When I heard that one of the world's most beautiful women used to bathe in Goats Milk every day to keep her skin glowing, I knew I had to get onto this amazing ingredient right away! New to Nourished Life natural skin care, the Thank Goat range of Aussie made Goats Milk skin care has absolutely blown me away, so I wanted to introduce you to these new goodies right away.

What is Thank Goat?

Thank Goat was founded by Josh Gibson, who has suffered from sensitive skin issues all his life. Josh chose to formulate Thank Goat goodies with Goats Milk because of its worldwide reputation as a wonderfully soothing natural ingredient, especially for sensitive skin types. All Thank Goat products feature Goats Milk as the star ingredient, and the brand is 100% Australian owned, with each product sourced and made in Australia too!

Benefits of Goats Milk

According to Thank Goat, Goats Milk has long been used for its powerful natural properties, known to help hydrate dry skin and encourage skin repair. In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra supposedly took Goats Milk baths each day as part of her beauty routine! Today, Goats Milk is known for its natural anti-inflammatory properties and ability to help exfoliate skin - it is naturally rich in Vitamins A, C, D and E and minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Iron and Selenium, and is also known to contain AHAs from Lactic Acid as well as Caprylic Acids, used in skin care to help exfoliate skin and encourage faster skin cell turnover. Goats Milk is also rich in amino acids, protein and moisturising essential fatty acids with a pH similar to our own skin, making it a perfect ingredient in skin care for sensitive skin.

Goats Milk Clay Masks

Age Defying
Designed to target mature skin, the Thank Goat Age Defying Mask contains a potent blend of hydrating Goats Milk, Aloe and Oats to help smooth out and plump up fine lines and wrinkles, while skin-firming Kaolin Clay, CoQ10, Red Algae and Marine Collagen work to boost collagen production and elasticity. Anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing, this special formula also features Turmeric to help brighten skin tone and target pigmentation. To use, apply mask to clean, fresh skin and leave for approx. 8 minutes. Can be used up to 3 times per week!

Detox + Purify
For oily, congested and acne prone skin types, the Thank Goat Detox + Purify Mask is perfect for helping to dissolve dead skin cells, absorb excess oil and unclog pores thanks to detoxifying Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Dead Sea Mud and Bamboo. The natural AHAs found in Willow Bark Extract and Goats Milk help to brighten and purify skin. This gentle mask can be used weekly or daily as needed - apply to skin after cleansing and allow to dry for 8 minutes.

Specially formulated for dry skin, the Thank Goat Hydrate Mask is designed to help balance skin and restore hydration, containing deeply moisturising ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Jojoba and Aloe Vera. Soothing and vitamin-rich, this refreshing formula also contains Dead Sea Mud, Montmorillonite Clay and antioxidant-rich Matcha Green Tea to help even out skin tone and improve texture, with a gentle scent from Mint. Apply after cleansing, then leave on for skin for 8 minutes or until dry. Use daily or twice weekly to maintain hydration.

Sun Recovery
Ideal for sun-damaged skin, the Thank Goat Sun Recovery Mask works to help combat signs of sun damage such as hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots and wrinkles with naturally brightening and lightening ingredients such as Bearberry Leaf Extract. Designed for use once weekly (or daily if needed), this potent, antioxidant-rich formula also contains Vitamin B3, Licorice Root and Vitamin C to help target scars and redness, support collagen production and stimulate skin cell turnover. Apply to skin and allow to sit for 8 minutes or until nearly dry.

Natural Goats Milk skin care

Lip Balm Manuka Honey
Ultra creamy and softening, the Thank Goat Lip Balm Manuka Honey helps to restore moisture to dry, dehydrated or cracked lips, delivering a burst of plumping hydration. This buttery balm is infused with naturally antibacterial Manuka Honey, smoothing Coconut Oil, Cocoa and Shea Butters and vitamin-rich Goats Milk and Papaya Extract to soothe and protect the lips from the elements, and is designed to be fast-absorbing for a gorgeous looking pout on the go.

Gel Cleanser
Especially created for sensitive skin, the Thank Goat Gel Cleanser is a gently refreshing gel formula. Packed with purifying Goats Milk, the natural AHAs work to remove dead skin cells and purify pores to leave skin feeling clean and nourished. Naturally antibacterial, this calming formula also contains toning Witch Hazel to help tighten and minimise pores as well as soothe angry acne, with a delicious fresh scent from Sweet Orange, Lavender and Mandarin. Use morning and night, applying a small amount to fingers and massaging into damp skin.

Light Face Moisturiser
Perfect for daytime use, the Thank Goat Light Face Moisturiser is ideal for all skin types, formulated to provide lasting hydration all day long. A nourishing combination of Goats Milk, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter works to soften and smooth skin, while Lycopene (from Tomatoes), Vitamin C-rich Cranberry Seed Oil and Niacinamide help to brighten dull skin, fade pigmentation and plump up fine lines. Lightweight and non-greasy, this refreshing moisturiser has a gentle scent from antibacterial Lavender, Lemongrass, Mandarin and Lime.

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