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Why You Need to Try the Black Chicken Remedies Nasalettes

I am always so fascinated by the endless aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils, and one of my favourite local brands, Black Chicken Remedies, has actually created an innovative range of natural inhalers. To help you decide which Nasalette right for you, I've put together this guide to each scent and how to use it.

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I have always been so fascinated by the amazing benefits of natural essential oils and the ways that different scents can make you feel energetic, calm or even help you take control of anxious feelings and stress. Harnessing these aromatherapeutic properties, one of my favourite local brands, Black Chicken Remedies, has actually created a range of natural essential oil inhalers, called Nasalettes, which can be used to help treat anything from a nasty cold to sea sickness!

What are Nasalettes?

Nasalettes are nasal inhalers packed with all-natural essential oil blends, formulated to help relieve various problems and tensions with targeted therapeutic scents. Each Nasalette has been created with a specific use in mind, combining the best and most powerful natural ingredients to deliver quick relief no matter where you are, as they are actually housed in small tubes no larger than your lip balm! To use your Nasalette, simply place the inhaler tip just below your nostril, close off the other nostril with your finger, then slowly breathe in to the count of 5. Repeat with the other nostril. Use your inhaler every 2-3 hours per day for targeted relief. You can also refill them with the same Black Chicken Remedies blends, available in essential oil bottles.

How to use Nasalettes

Ideal for when you need a boost of energy, the Upbeat Nasalette is the perfect pick-me-up if you suffer from the dreaded 3pm slump. Combining refreshing Lime, Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang and Spearmint, Upbeat will help to lift your mood and energy, while Cedarwood and Peru Balsam are natural aphrodisiacs.

Cold and flu
If you're suffering from cold and flu symptoms like congestion, inflammation and a stuffy nose, try the Respire Nasalette, which is formulated to help clear your sinuses and get you breathing clearly again. This inhaler uses 12 antibacterial and anti-inflammatory essential oils including Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Menthol and Camphor which may help soothe inflammation and treat congestion.

The Serenity Nasalette is the perfect choice for anyone who suffers from anxiety or stress and needs a helping hand in calming down. If you're feeling worried or under pressure, this soothing blend of nine essential oils, including Pink Grapefruit, Basil, Lavender and Mandarin may work to ease frustrations, discourage worry and induce a feeling of calm and clarity.

If you have trouble getting to sleep, inhaling the Slumber Nasalette should help to do the trick. This relaxing oil blend uses potent natural sedatives including Cedarwood, Bergamot Chamomile and Lavender which may help calm your mind and encourage you to sink into a state of relaxation and fall into a deep sleep.

Travel sickness
If you suffer from motion sickness, nausea or travel related anxiety, try the Voyage Nasalette. The inclusion of Ginger works to ease nausea and the effects of motion sickness, while the refreshing combination of Lemongrass, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender may help calm tensions and anxieties associated with travel and being away from home.

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