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The Essentials You Need to Make Teeth Brushing More Fun for Kids

It's no secret that it can be a challenge when it comes to getting kids to properly clean their teeth twice a day, every day, and as busy parents, sometimes we just need to get the job done. It's important to establish good dental hygiene from a young age, so I've put together this guide to the best natural kids toothpaste and toothbrushes to make it easier and more fun for kids.

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When it comes to kids and their teeth, it can often be incredibly hard to get them to brush their teeth properly each and every day, let alone twice a day. It’s so important during their developmental years that they start following an effective teeth brushing routine to maintain for the rest of their lives, but I know that with a lot of kids this is certainly easier said than done. Natural toothpastes and toothbrushes are specially designed to care for young teeth while making dental care more fun, containing natural and organic ingredients which keep teeth strong and healthy. Gentle and soft, these kids dental products are formulated to thoroughly clean teeth and soothe sensitive gums, and best of all they come in delicious flavours and fun designs that even the fussiest kids will love.

Why is it so important for kids to brush their teeth?

Healthy mouths are often described as the window to a healthy body, and bad dental hygiene can actually cause other health problems down the track. Not properly removing bacteria can lead to cavities, decay and gum disease later in life, making it so important to establish a teeth cleaning routine that kids can stick to so they can learn good habits. It's also no secret that kids love to chomp down sugary treats and drinks whenever they get the chance, and the bacteria found in dental plaque actually changes these sugars into acids which wears down enamel and causes irreversible damage.1 Children also aren't especially hygiene focused, with toothbrushing seeming more like a chore to them than caring for their bodies, but adult teeth can actually be damaged by poorly looked after baby teeth, so it's vital to make sure your kids learn the importance of looking after our teeth to prevent unnecessary health issues later on. Lifelong dental health starts from childhood!

Why do children need special kids toothpaste?

Kids toothpaste is generally the best option to use on children’s delicate young baby teeth as not only is the formulation more gentle and better tasting, but natural kids toothpastes are specifically developed with the knowledge in mind that when kids learn to brush their teeth, they often end up swallowing the toothpaste! This means that natural kids toothpastes are generally free from any harsh ingredients which could potentially upset their digestion, so it doesn't matter so much if they do accidentally swallow some. Kids also need to use softer toothbrushes than the ones we use because they are much gentler on sensitive young gums, not to mention easier to hold because of their smaller size.

Best natural kids toothpaste

Grants Blueberry Burst Kids Natural Toothpaste
A great option for fussy kids is the Grants Blueberry Burst Kids Natural Toothpaste which has a yummy Blueberry taste from Natural Blueberry Flavour. With Calcium and Phosphate Salts to maintain strong healthy teeth, this delicious formula also contains antibacterial Xylitol, soothing Aloe Vera and natural Stevia for a hint of sweetness. Suitable for children 2 years and older, this Australian made toothpaste is Certified Vegan and Gluten Free.

Lavera Kids Tooth Gel
The Lavera Kids Tooth Gel is a gentle formula which thoroughly cleans teeth and helps remove plaque without the use of surfactants or sugar. Certified Natural and Cruelty Free, this delicious toothpaste is flavoured with natural Strawberry and Raspberry Extracts, making it ideal for kids who dislike traditional minty toothpastes. With a fresh, fruity berry flavour, this German made toothpaste also contains Xylitol, known to help prevent plaque build-up and prevent acidic damage, as well as soothing Calendula to help calm down any sore gums.

Weleda Children's Tooth Gel
Ideal for slightly older children who don't mind a bit of mint, the Weleda Children's Tooth Gel is a fresh, light tasting formula containing Calendula Flowers and Spearmint Oil to soothe teeth and gums while giving a thorough clean. Vegan and Certified Natural, this mild toothpaste helps to provide protection against plaque build-up and cavities, and also contains Sweet Almond Oil for a smooth, gentle formula as well as Silica to help remineralise teeth. Free from fluoride, it comes in recyclable packaging and is ideal for helping kids to make the transition to minty toothpastes.

Natural bamboo kids toothbrushes

Life Basics Bamboo & Charcoal Toothbrush Kids Size Soft
Made from biodegradable Bamboo, the Life Basics Bamboo & Charcoal Toothbrush Kids Size Soft features soft, biodegradable Nylon bristles infused with Activated Binchotan Charcoal, known for its natural antibacterial properties. One of the most environmentally plants on earth, the Bamboo handle makes this kids toothbrush a more eco-friendly option than disposable plastic toothbrushes, while the Activated Binchotan Charcoal helps to minimise cavity-causing bacteria and help absorb chemicals such as chlorine from tap water. Designed especially to be gentle on young teeth and gums, the Kids Size thoroughly cleans teeth to help leave them sparkling white and fresh. Replace every 1-3 months, as recommended by dentists.

Jack N' Jill Buzzy Brush Electric Musical Toothbrush
If your kids prefer the entertainment of electric toothbrushes then I know they will love the Jack n’ Jill Buzzy Brush Electric Musical Toothbrush. This toothbrush is the ultimate way to convince kids to brush their teeth because it rotates gently while playing music! You can also choose the instructional audio sound mode or have it on silent, with each mode automatically shutting off after two minutes to teach kids how long to brush for. It also comes with bubble stickers so your little one can decorate it themselves. Never has a toothbrush been so fun! Super soft Nylon bristles give teeth a proper clean, while the handle is BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free. The head is also replaceable, so the brush will last for years.

Jack N' Jill Storage/Rinse Cup Dino
Finally, it's great to have a dedicated storage or rinse cup especially designed for kids so they know it's their very own. The Jack N' Jill Storage/Rinse Cup Dino features a fun, friendly Dinosaur picture and can be used as either a drinking cup for rinsing after brushing or to hygienically store your child's toothbrush and toothpaste after each use. Made from biodegradable Bamboo and Rice Husks, it's dishwasher safe and eco-friendly as well as BPA & PVC Free. It also comes in cute Bunny and Hippo designs, which makes it easier to tell them apart if you have a few little ones.

For more help with establishing a good bedtime routine, read my blog post on how to naturally get your little ones to sleep here!

Source: 1Better Health.

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