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Why You Need to Try the Uspa Thermal Treatment Oil

Aches and pains can be incredibly uncomfortable and tricky to treat, but I have found the best natural alternative to mainstream pain relief treatments so I've put together this guide to what makes the Uspa Thermal Treatment Oil so amazing.

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When it comes to switching to natural and organic skin care, where a lot of people struggle is often the medicine cabinet or first aid kit. Specifically, pain relief creams and heat rubs can be difficult items to replace when you just need to find something that works really effectively. Whether you need relief from muscle soreness, stiff joints, a lingering injury or ongoing health issues such as arthritis, natural pain relief treatments can actually deliver the same results as mainstream products without the mysterious ingredients. One natural alternative I have found which absolutely outdoes the rest is the Uspa Thermal Treatment Oil, which can be used in preparation for physical activity as well as an ongoing temporary pain relief treatment.

Benefits of natural pain relief treatments

Utilising the soothing and calming properties of herbal extracts and plant-derived ingredients, natural pain relief treatments and oils can help to temporarily relieve the discomfort associated with muscle tension and soreness by simultaneously stimulating circulation and relaxing the muscles. Natural treatments contain ingredients such as Capsicum Extract, known for its ability to help deplete 'Substance P', which is what signals pain to the brain, providing a warming effect on the skin and reduces muscle tension and inflammation. Wintergreen, a fresh and aromatic plant, has also long been used to help ease tension and pain, while Menthol, obtained from Peppermint Oil, is renowned for its cooling and soothing properties. When applied to the skin, natural pain relief treatments can help to stimulate the nerves while inhibiting pain, resulting in a cooling then warming feeling as circulation and the lymphatic system are boosted. Additionally, they can also assist with headaches and migraines, thanks to the aromatherapeutic benefits of ingredients such as Menthol.

Uspa Thermal Treatment Oil Red Pepper
Aside from its incredible pain-relieving benefits, the Uspa Thermal Treatment Oil Red Pepper $45.00 is also amazing for the skin, packed with nourishing Rosehip, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils, rich in fatty acids which may help repair damaged skin. Vegan and Gluten Free, it's also a dry oil, meaning it doesn't have that thick, sticky feeling associated with a lot of heavy creams and oils. Instead, it sinks straight into the skin without that greasy feeling. To use, massage into affected areas such as arms or legs, shoulders, the lower back or neck, avoiding extremely sensitive areas and broken skin.

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