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How to Stop Your Sugar Cravings

No matter how healthy you are or what kind of lifestyle you have, it can often be really hard to kick those pesky sugar urges to the curb, so I've put together this guide to the best natural health supplements to help you shake those cravings for good.

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Whether your preferred poison is chocolate, lollies or soft drinks, almost everyone is guilty of giving in to sugar cravings from time to time. But while we all love an occasional sweet treat, sugar can actually do a lot of damage to our bodies when we have too much over time. An intense craving can be really hard to kick, but with the help of natural health supplements and organic teas it can actually be as simple as replacing a sugar-loaded treat with a warm drink or refreshing smoothie instead, and getting back on track towards a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What does sugar do to your body?

Here's what you need to know about sugar. When consumed, it turns into energy, but if you consume too much for your body to handle, it will turn into fat, so if you wolf down an entire packet of jelly snakes in one go then you can imagine where that sugar will end up. Sugar can also trigger a 'high' thanks to a flood of glucose reaching your body, followed by a crash when it becomes overloaded and overwhelmed. Too much sugar can put strain on your digestive system, pancreas and liver, and can also contribute to health problems which can start to develop later in life, such as obesity, diabetes and heart problems.1 As many dentists will tell you, it's also harmful to our teeth, eating away at enamel, causing cavities and contributing to irreversible damage. My rule is everything in moderation, but it's great to cut out sugar wherever and whenever you can.

How to curb sugar cravings naturally

Amazonia Sugar Crave Release Spray
A product that has seriously changed my approach to sugar is Amazonia Sugar Crave Release Spray. Formulated by naturopaths and nutritionists to combat food cravings, this spray contains natural herbs and ingredients including Clove, Peppermint, Thyme and Fennel to break down and disperse any overgrowth of bad bacteria in the digestive tract, which can be the root cause of many sugar and carbohydrate cravings. It also comes in a really easy to use handbag sized spray bottle, so you can take it on the go with you whenever you feel a craving coming on. To use, spray directly onto the tongue and dilute with a drink of water.

Matcha Maiden Matcha Green Tea
The Matcha Maiden Matcha Green Tea is one I've replaced any sugary coffees or hot chocolates with as I love its earthy flavour. Can you believe one cup of this Matcha contains the same nutritional value of 10 cups of regular green tea? Regular consumption can be extremely beneficial for metabolism, focus, immunity, clear skin and general well-being, much better than any sugar-filled hot drink, as Matcha is known for its natural energy and concentration boosting properties. Add half a teaspoon to hot water for a smooth, creamy hot drink or blend in smoothies or juices for a delicious pick-me-up.

The Beauty Chef BODY Powder Vanilla
If you find yourself in need of a sweet fix without the sugar hit, try the Beauty Chef BODY Vanilla Powder mixed in a smoothie or your choice of milk. Not only does it taste like a delicious vanilla milkshake, it actually stimulates the metabolism to help burn body fat, containing Organic Fermented Pea Protein, fibrous fruit and vegetable extracts and mind-stimulating Matcha Green Tea. I love using this nutrient rich powder in a morning smoothie as the combination of super fruits and vegetables, alkalising greens, spices and probiotics work to kick start your digestive system and curb sugar cravings so you can stay in control of your food consumption.

KOJA Almond & Berry Breakfast Topper
If you prefer to eat your breakfast with a spoon, try sprinkling the KOJA Almond & Berry Breakfast Topper over your morning cereal or smoothie bowl. This berry and nut blend tastes delicious and contains no added sugar, and it's packed with nutrient rich vitamins and minerals in such a small serving. Almonds are high in protein, good fats, antioxidants and Vitamin E, Cashews are packed with minerals like copper, magnesium, iron, and selenium to protect the heart and support strong bones, and Sunflower seeds deliver your body anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits along with helping to lower cholesterol.

Edible Beauty Tea No. 5 White Chai Digestif
Sometimes there really isn't a substitute for a spicy, warming mug of chai, so try opting for the Edible Beauty White Chai Digestif rather than a syrupy blend that's actually loaded with sweetener. This digestif tea can aid with bloating after a big meal, plus it helps to blood sugar levels and treat stomach upsets. It's blended using delicious, flavoursome herbs, spices and ingredients including Liquorice, Coconut Flakes, Cinnamon, White Tea, Ginger and Vanilla, so it's full of rich flavour without the sugar content. Brew one teaspoon in boiling water for a warming and balancing cup of tea.

Source: 1Women's Health.

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