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100% Pure Lip2Cheek Peach

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100% Pure Lip2Cheek Peach

The soft warm peachy colour from the 2 in 1 lip & cheek tint from 100% Pure in Peach Glow is an all natural way to glow on the go! Apply to lips and cheeks for a beautiful health radiant colour.

The beneficial nutrients from fruit are found in their actual colour, it's these colour pigments that are extracted to create this versatile range of fabulous cosmetics.

The ingredient base for these silky smooth lip & cheeks tints includes Honey Beeswax, which protects skin from environmental toxins, and Grapseed Oil that is brilliant for helping skin repair. The rich colour comes from Carrot, Cherry, Blueberry and other delicious fruit and vegetables.

This product is also vegetarian and gluten free.




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