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Lavera Natural Mineral Eyeliner - Chocolate Brown

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Lavera Natural Mineral Eyeliner - Chocolate Brown

This is an organic eyeliner in a beautiful chocolate brown colour. Brown eyeliners look gorgeous on all eye colours, but are an absolute must have if you have blue eyes! The deep chocolate of this eyeliner picks up the flecks and tones in blue eyes and makes them sparkle like the ocean.

This natural mineral eyeliner pencil is safe, gentle and incredibly soft. A host of ingredients including organic beeswax, jojoba oil and shea butter provide vitamins and minerals to protect your delicate eye area. Completely free from nasties, you never have to worry about chemicals getting into your eyes. Even suitable for sensitive eyes - a great eyeliner for contact lens wearers. Pair with the chocolate brown Lavera Volume Mascara to complete the look.

This is also a gluten free, vegan eyeliner.




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