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Tumblemonkey Clothes Dryer Balls
Cream pack of 3
Cream pack of 3

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Tumblemonkey Clothes Dryer Balls

Reduce clothes drying time by hours with these dryer balls. Eliminate the need to iron most outfits soften, de-fluff and beautify your clothes in minutes!
For those times when we have no choice but to throw our clothes in the dryer, these 100% natural dryer balls are hand made in Victoria with local wool.
Made to last for years, just throw at least 3 in the dryer and leave them there as they dry naturally with the load so there is no maintenance - they will last for 1000s of loads!




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Customers are saying over winter their electricity bills have been reduced by 30%-50%. Here's how these sweet little balls work their magic:

  • Firstly, wool has an incredible natural ability to absorb the moisture from the humid air inside the dryer.
  • Then they fly around and separate the fabrics forcing air to flow between the layers and increase the surface area drying the clothes, at the same time they are reducing static.
  • Their soft wooly surface softens the fabrics without adding a toxic chemical coating like dryer sheets or chemical softeners
  • Unlike plastic or rubber balls, these are gentle on delicate clothes and your dryer. It does not make noise, dent your dryer or omit toxic plastic odours like some.
  • If you remove the washing from the dryer immediately they also seriously reduce the need to iron them!!

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