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Pai Skin Care

TRULY natural skin care, makeup, ORGANIC beauty & HEALTH store

Passionately wading through the labels to only stock truly natural, certified organic & toxin-free skincare, make up, superfoods & healthy living products. I'm intensely strict about every single item I sell.

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As seen in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Woman's Day, Peppermint, OK Magazine, Cleo, Channel Nine
As seen in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Woman's Day, Peppermint, OK Magazine, Cleo, Channel Nine

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Products our customers can't live without

I’ve recently had my second child, so the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream is a must for fixing dark circles! The mineral make up is beautiful & lasts all day and the Egyptian Magic is magic.

I’m a busy full time working mum with 1 very active boy! I really have to look after myself and these products help me do exactly that!

I'm on the best non-toxic journey with Nourished Life and these are some of my favourites...

Beauty: Natural Skin Care Oil Cleansing

Pure, organic oils are a wonderful edition to your daily natural skin care arsenal. Oil Cleansing is a beautiful, gentle way to remove make up and environmental toxins, while helping the skin regain its natural oil balance. After just a few days you should start to see a wonderful improvement in your skin tone with plump hydrated skin with less blemishes.

Beauty: Natural beauty products are better!

The average Woman uses up to 15 beauty products per day, if these are your typical mainstream products, then that's an average of 120 random chemicals daily! If this isn't enough for you to encourage your BFF to make the switch to organic skin care and makeup, then we have some scientific backing for you!

News: Natural Deodorant Review

Giving up my mainstream antiperspirant and switching to a natural deodorant was one of the very last changes I made on my toxin-free quest. I seriously must have tested every brand on the market before narrowing it down to the the beauties I stock! The criteria to make it onto the Nourished Life shelf was not easy, they must not only be natural and smell good, they actually have to work!

News: Organic Shampoo & Body Wash Review

Say hello to Josh, the handsome boyfriend of one of our customers who has kindly reviewed the men's shampoo and body wash from 808 Dude and Sanctum.

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